This is me.
Up and down moments...

Well, here I am again, clear-headed for a change. This is what I love about christmas break (summer break, any break): the privelege of sleeping at least seven hours a night haha. I frequently remember kindergarten days when my mom forced me to nap with the wise words "Once you're older, you'll want to sleep but can't so you'd better sleep now!" Well, Mother knows best, I suppose. It didn't kill me to say that... :)

My allergies are breaking out again which is freaking me out. I'm itching all over but scratching just makes it worse; I'm pretending I don't feel anything. Oh well, the things you get from your family's genes...

I did get my card reader to work though; YEY!!! *does a victory dance in front of the computer* Not that it was busted to begin with; I just had to read the manual haha. So here are some recent pictures:

Daphy (my sister), me, and May2x at a party last week. Hold your breath; this may be the only time you'll catch me in a Santa hat...

Haha, this picture shows how easy it is to make a fool out of me. Imagine the outrage and betrayal... Aren't younger cousins supposed to show a little respect? *puzzled frown*

This isn't a black and white dog, by the way. It's a stuffed panda with shades on. This is what happens when college friends decide to amuse themselves.

Speaking of college, Daphne (my sis), Elise (the friend I haven't seen in about five, ten? years), and I had a funny conversation as my mom expertly maneuvered the car around some college kids who were standing in the middle of the road.

Elise: College students are real crazy.
Me: Yeah, I know.
Elise: They have these parties where they usually drink and just do stupid stuff.
Me: I guess they have nothing better to do.
Daphne: Yeah. They could just read a book.
(Surprised laughter)

I mean, of all the things to say... :)

Daisy on 12/22/2005 01:13:00 PM