This is me.
Alive and kicking

I'm BACK! :) Just finished a really really great conference (better known as Bible camp to some others) that lasted four days; it was beautiful, getting in touch with God all over again. It was also pretty tiring... Four days is definitely the right amount of time to spend in those camps; I'm exhausted from all the violin playing I've been doing lately.

I slept the first ten to fifteen minutes of every meeting, lol. Angel, my fellow violinist, and I never get much sleep in these things 'cause there are no other violinists to rotate responsibility with (you know, who plays with who in what meeting...). As a solution to the problem, we run ourselves ragged playing every session and joining every practice.

It was embarrassing to always be falling asleep. But we had an amazing time; the people in my room were hilarious.

Everyone had a picture taken outside the church (which was kind of hard since there were a lot of people) but we all squeezed in. My eyes were swelling this morning. OK, not as bad as those HUGE letters imply, but big enough as to not add to whatever non-existent charm I had in that picture. It was fun though. :) I'll probably post that picture when I get a copy.

Speaking of my eyes, I woke up at 3 this morning and realized I was getting an allergy case. They're heavy, hot, and make me look like a freak. :) I don't know what triggers all my abnormal reactions, and no doctor has ever really given me a straight answer, haha. Oh well... it's fun when people stare at you with your eyes running and sneezes coming eight times in a row.

When we (my sister and I) were leaving, a funny thing happened. I guess it just goes to show that we are all growing up and growing old. We waved goodbye at people as I took the keys out and got in the car... Nothing unusual at all except someone yelling "YOU DRIVE NOW???" A churchmate I hadn't seen in months (he was in China actually) was floored. He peered at me through the window then demanded a ride home. (Unfortunately, he chose to attack the door I always keep locked 'cause it's not automatic anymore... Sad, really.) Ah well... growing up is (add your personal philosophical quote here).

I have a feeling I've been writing too much. :) I will now stop while I'm ahead... or behind, beside, whatever... Just. Stop.

Daisy on 12/31/2005 06:11:00 PM