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Running resolution

It's been a busy week, running here and there --- basically chasing time --- to get things done. Thankfully, projects are all out of the way by now and I welcome midterms with a song in my heart (a funeral march haha). Aside from the studying, midterms are fun (seriously). There's no other time when class schedules are so loopy that more time is spent not being in school (something I have lived for since I started acquiring an education). :)

Anyway, my 2006 resolution has been in the works. This year, I'm trying something new: I'm adding to the list throughout the year (wow, big discovery there). Sarcasm aside, it seems more realistic to work on a few things at a time. It's overwhelming when there's actually a WHOLE list; I don't think I'd be courageous enough to even start. OK, so...
1) Study the Bible when I get out of bed and get into bed.
I've always wanted a deeper relationship with God but never made time for it. No time like the present time, I guess...

2) Sleep eight hours a night.
Those who know me better will either be in comatose shock or screaming fits of laughter by now. So I'm a dreamer... :) Eight hours is just an ideal; I'll probably be sleeping six or seven hours realistically (already a large gap from my normal four hours).

3) Clean my closet.
This item has been on my list for three years now. I'd better get around to it; if nothing else, for the satisfaction of crushing it off...
So that's it at the moment. The effort to actually put enough words together for three items on this list was dear. For all I know, this will be the only effort the rest of the year. ;)

Daisy on 1/22/2006 05:14:00 PM