This is me.
Cooking in :-O

One of my summer resolutions is to use the computer much less than I normally do. This was decided after calling to mind all the bug-eyed days and nights I spent in front of this blinking screen doing nothing (important).

I'm succeeding, actually.

It may also be because I have replaced this electrical innovation with another: a gas stove.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is correct. A miracle has happened. I have learned to cook.

I don't know why I didn't start this years ago. OK, so I attempted by learning to cook with my two talented grandmothers, but doing it myself at home seemed quite a chore. And now, I'm actually cubing potatoes for fun.

Maybe cooking doesn't seem like much of an accomplishment for most people, but in my house, it's nothing to sneeze at. That's because no one cooks: those who don't know stay ignorant, and those who do have no time to do so. I went through kindergarten subsisting on sardines and other canned delectables. My health was improved by my grandmothers --- otherwise two avenging angels --- in the later years, but leftovers can only go so far. I can't describe the excitement that would sweep through me as a child when my Mom made her spaghetti annually.

And it actually seems to pay off. My parents say I'm not half-bad, and sometimes I'm actually good. Not that I'm a gourmet chef now or anything, but wow... Who'd have thought raw meat would actually reside in our freezer? Or that we'd actually go grocery shopping because we planned to cook? Who knew I'd learn to turn on the stove one day?

I'm enjoying my summer. :)

Daisy on 5/01/2006 10:06:00 PM