This is me.
Some things to be happy about

I've got a lot of things to be happy about.

  1. My car looks like a brand-new one. It used to sport numerous scratches, peeling paint, and a bumper that was falling off. My Dad would look at it and laugh insensitively. But while I was away, it was fixed and painted a dreamy kind of blue. It's sort of like blue jeans now. Yippee!
  2. My grades are good enough to avoid summer class. I went over to the department and looked at it on their computer. Hooray!
  3. My relatives from Manila and Bulacan are here! :)
  4. Jesus is alive! OK, so he's alive everyday, but I couldn't help but add that. It's always something to be happy about.

Oh yeah, my sister just had surgery on her teeth last Friday, with sedation and everything. Her face is a little puffed up (not as big as mine was when I went through that :D), but she's fine. While the surgery was going on, I couldn't watch. Not because of the blood or anything, but everytime they stuck something in Daphne's mouth --- be it injection or some other dental tool --- her whole lower body would jerk involuntarily. *shudder*

On other breaking news, my other friend, Angel had surgery on her teeth last Friday too. (Is this a coincidence or is this a coincidence? It is, by the way.) She had it worse though: more teeth to remove and the effects of general anesthesia to handle. I'm glad we've all got it over with... Of course, my other friends may endure the same thing soon; I have no idea.

The pains of cosmetic surgery!

Daisy on 4/23/2006 04:59:00 PM