This is me.
The Six (or Seven) Have A Sleepover

That title sounds like one of those Enid Blyton books.

So let's start with The Six (yes, with a capital T). Why The Six? That's the name an international airline gave my sister, me, and my cousins when we travelled to the United States by ourselves last year. They were apparently on a minor alert over a group of kids flying globally with the oldest (me) being only 19 years old.

Guess they thought we'd be taken advantage of or that I was a hapless leader.

So once at the gate where we'd board the plane, an airline employee came up to us and asked solemnly "Are you The Six?"

Since those cousins became my pseudo-siblings in the long run, the name stuck.

We are also occasionally The Seven because one cousin we were all extremely close to couldn't come on that trip. Thus, background information done, The Seven had an amazing beach sleepover.

Yes, we took the time to take pictures.

It all started with everyone admitting we missed each other. We had gotten really busy the past month with schoolwork, and hadn't really talked in ages.

So when my amazing Mom suggested we could go to the beach parent-free --- it's interesting how coming back from America unscathed leads to more freedom to be alone on shorter trips --- everyone jumped in the wagon.

We brought some movies to see that night, and lots of junk food.

Jonny says Doritos ROCK!

We thoroughly enjoyed the psychological horror movie we'd brought. We enjoyed the next very teeny un-horror movie even more since it got rid of any scary after-"horror movie" feelings.

And because this was a sleepover...

Secrets were spilled. Shh! (Caption by my sister, by the way)

We slept really late, and woke up to a huge breakfast that we had to cook first.

Chrissy, chief cook

Those hand signs are absolutely necessary in the making of delicious pancakes.

Because this was a beach, there was also the swimming, of course.

The boys get very wet.

The girls sit pretty instead.

We had a great time! There were tons of laughs, and new inside jokes made.

I love The Six (or Seven) loads for bringing out both my parental instincts and my sillier side.

I leave you, dear Reader, with this picture.

I wonder if this is what navel-gazing actually means.

And no, my cousin wasn't spaced out. Daphy (my sister) told him not to look at the camera so he figured his stomach was as good a place to look at as any.

'Til next time then!

Daisy on 9/14/2008 06:26:00 PM