This is me.
Gosh, I'm Tired.

My head feels like its brain has been pureed in a food processor, my shoulders and arms hurt like I've been lifting weights, and my hands have red abrasion marks on them and can barely move. It's a very strange sensation.

I wonder if this is how a normal Chemical Engineering student is supposed to feel like.

Anyway, my soreness and marks come from our Chemical Process Industries lab class (or CPI to us students). We started making virgin coconut oil today (follow the link here to see what that's supposed to be). This involves squeezing out every last drop of coconut milk from a certain kind of coconut and getting oil from it. And I mean every. Last. Drop.

That's why my arms hurt, and I'm sure some of my other groupmates (insert Cookie, Henri, and Joni's names here) feel even worse. Wringing the coconut meat until it's completely dry is both time-consuming and painful.

It was fun though. We were all smiles.

Greetings, group.

Cookie and me. Wringing.

Of course, that was when Henri's camera was trained on us. The rest of the time we were gritting our teeth and exerting a lot of effort. The product will probably be cool in the end though. It always is.

The coconut milk was so creamy and fragrant that I wanted to drink it. But I guess that's the reaction anyone can expect from someone who fills her blog with foodie posts.

My college friends and I went to Jollibee last week for some much-needed relaxation (in other words, lunch). We laughed, ate, talked, ate, joked, ate... OK, I think you get the idea.

It was the last fun thing we actually went for before we settled in for this week's LONGGGGGG EXAMSSSSSSS. Seriously. I've been reading chapter after chapter after chapter (which gives me the pureed brain I mentioned above). I guess the studying has paid off though I technically don't know any of the results yet.

Anyway, my Mom told me an amusing story about my (un)forgettable childhood years. My parents apparently used to leave me in the toy department of a mall when they needed to go grocery shopping. I would play happily in my own world, but when we had to leave, I would just put down all the toys like I'd forgotten about them. Well, one time, I threw an enormous ENORMOUS tantrum over a small plastic telephone in a fire-engine red color. It was just a cheap thing (maybe US$2 or less) but my parents figured I must have wanted it a lot.

So they finally got it. And I used it for years and years --- I still remember it, in fact --- even when it got pretty old. It got to the point that my Dad had to fix it three times because I had snapped the wire that held the telephone together.

I must have been a really frugal child. It explains how cheap I am now, LOL.

Daisy on 7/10/2007 06:57:00 PM