This is me.
And after a week...

I know, I know. A week is too long between updates. I was really going to post something a few days ago, but I haven't even touched a computer in the last four days. As opposed to everyday (which is my normal habit).

Anyway, on to the post! So much to write; so short time to write it in.

First, yes, my Mom came back from Japan. She brought my sister and me lots of edible and inedible goodies. Let's just focus on the edibles, shall we?




They all look and taste quite good.

Moving on, I haven't been around because I've been chasing my schoolbooks. There aren't many Chemical Engineering students where I'm from, so I guess that's why so few of our books are in existence. I got caught in traffic just moving from bookstore to bookstore in the city. At least it's paid off; I have most of my books. Except for that 1986 edition that the powers-that-be have stopped publishing... Sigh.

The malls were having a large sale over the weekend, and I happily shopped. And shopped. And shopped. I got the books I'd been eyeing for months for cheaper prices. So yes, I'm happy.

Dexter, Daphy, and I even went clothes shopping during the midnight sales. Dexter wanted to own a nice shirt, and convinced me to try on a lot of clothes in the process. And Daphy just winded her way to the bookstore.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's how predictable my sister and I are. It's usually clothes or books.

the three of us having a midnight snack

We were pretty hungry after all that shopping so we stopped at Pancake House for some grub.

Dexter's hamburger steak

Dexter's food looks good to the camera, doesn't it? :) He objected to the lack of rice though so we ordered an extra cup for him.

Daphy's Pork

OK, I don't remember the exact name of this dish. I even thought Daphy had ordered pancakes and was surprised when this arrived. She said it was good.

my steak

This is the first steak I've had since I came back from America. It wasn't bad. Maybe not the best, but not the worst either. I'm not sure if they got my order of medium rare right.

Sunday lunch with the family was particularly memorable in that the food was not much good. Or rather, it took a long time to arrive. This is what happens on Father's Day, I guess, when everyone seems to congregate in restaurants.

I took that shot of Jonny inhaling his eighth bowl of soup in an attempt to forget the lack of rice on our menu.

"You look sad," I said from my side of the camera.

"I am sad," he answered.


I guess that's about it. All I got my Father was a nicelooking but lousy keychain with "I LOVE GOLF" emblazoned on it. I really get less and less ideas about what to give him on occasions. He never seems to need anything. Time maybe, but how do you put time in a giftwrapped box?

At least he liked the keychain.

Daisy on 6/18/2007 12:28:00 PM