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My cooking, other's cooking, & a new skin

I am sitting in front of the computer with a towel on my head. This is because I have just taken a bath at 3 pm. And before that, I was in bed reading nonsensical magazines when I woke up at 12 pm. And before that, I slept at 3 am.

I don't think I'm ever going to do that again unless there are emergencies that cause me to miss sleep. The whole day just gets shot in the foot when my sleeping schedule is tampered with.

Anyway, to the posts. I actually have something to write about today! *Daisy claps her hands in unadulterated glee.*

After months (yes, months), our kitchen stove is being used again! By me, of course.

Yeah, no one cooks in our place if I don't do it. Everyone's too busy. This was already mentioned in a previous post made ages ago so I shall not give too much detail.

Anyway, anticipating the amount of free time I'd have on my three weeks of vacation, my Mom and I went grocery shopping yesterday. We were just going to "look around", but we ended up buying a cart of foodstuffs and other household needs.

We had trouble lugging them to the car but that's the general female species for you. We go into shops to buy one thing then come out with a dozen. (I understand not everyone is this way but that was a general statement.)

So to prevent the vegetables we bought from rotting, I cooked up asparagus yesterday.

Maybe you, dear Reader, are going "What? Was that it?" Yeah, that was it. I don't really get how people can dislike vegetables. In our house, we love them when we can get them. Which is not very often.

It's always fun to see how food gets transformed when they're cooked. I mean, raw meat looks really different from say, roast pork with potatoes on the side. So I started out with greenish stalks... shorter chopped greenish stalks in a pan... shorter chopped and less green stalks in a glass container.

OK, so there wasn't much difference here, but vegetables seem to be an exception the rule. They do shrink though.

Anyway, we went out for dinner yesterday due to my uncle visiting from abroad. And I have to say that it was good.

Just culinary heaven

I had hainanese chicken and some cold tea concoction. The chicken was just amazing from the rice to the way the chicken was cooked to the sauce down to the juices the chicken was swimming in. I finished everything. Even the cucumber and lettuce that was supposed to be just decoration.

Dessert was mango panna cotta which was also really good. The taste of mango sauce with creaminess was just... satisfying.

The bowl was pretty big too.

My uncle got some sort of native ice cream. To borrow his words, "it's fine but just strange." The ice cream really had this homemade quality to it. But it must not have been too strange because he ate it all.

Oh, I've figured out why it must have been strange. It had no milk in it. Imagine ice cream with no milk... you'll be imagining our native ice cream. :D

Well, that was nice. I'm making myself hungry again because I missed breakfast and lunch. This day's really just whacked out.

I feel like writing more but this post seems pretty long as it is. So I shall stop.

Oh yes, new skin submitted once again. Someone asked me to make a skin on Orlando Bloom, and after one month, my brain finally spit out a design. It was pretty hard. Maybe because I'm not a great fan of Orlando Bloom. Mind you, he's OK. Just OK.

You can download it from here if you want his face plastered all over your blog. Which I don't, but some people do. :)

So up to here for now. I'm going to eat my late late late lunch. Bye!

Daisy on 10/18/2006 04:50:00 PM