This is me.
The crazy weekend

The past few days have been real wild. Studying, filming, churching, and somehow squeezing in one and a half movies at home (more on the later), dinners out, shopping, and time with family. I found myself studying while waiting for food to arrive in different restaurants. But that's the way I've always been and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Last Friday and Saturday, my classmates and I filmed our English commercials at the house. We were actually three different groups that decided to film together so we could put all our projects in one CD (and save CDs). The teacher wanted to check our pronunciation in everyday life, I guess, and the project was pretty cool. If only it hadn't overlapped with so much other stuff.

I'd include the real videos here but I think my classmates would freak (especially the guy who played a princess in one of the commercials, LOL), so pictures will have to do.

Thank you, God, for perfect lighting!

This is actually the same room but somehow the lighting and stuff made it look different. The black line in between is a floor lamp. :) This was Hazel and Joni's phone commercial.

Cookie and I did two different ones. We did a mother-daughter one, and another on mouthwash (in which I acted like a very dramatic teenager).

a shot in the bathroom (one of our sets)

We all laughed a lot, especially at the bloopers. One of the guys almost fell in the fish pond when he tripped while running through a scene. I ran into the bathroom and took so long to lock the door (instead of the second it was supposed to be), and ended up collapsing in laughter.

All in all, it was fun and probably gives us a few memories to keep of college.

After that, we all had to crack open our Physics, Calculus, Chemistry Laboratory, and Computer notes and textbooks again. But it was a break.

I find that when I study I always end up having a lot of breaks. I eat, take 20 minute naps, and go out with my mother. I guess I'm a slacker at heart.

So following my normal routine, I decided to watch a cheesy teen flick during one of my breaks. And I popped She's The Man into the player. Not that I really like Amanda Bynes but the fact that it was loosely based on my favorite Shakespearean play (Twelfth Night rocks!) attracted me.

It was surprisingly fun. I mean, it's not Oscar material (and it never had that goal in mind so I didn't expect it to be), but the script lines weren't too stupid. Though the plot was predictable, it was still lovable. Just a cute movie about a girl pretending to be a guy and getting into all sorts of convoluted love triangles and whatnot.

Unfortunately, the DVD collapsed on itself halfway through. I have an idea what the ending is, but oh, I really want to see it! I mean, it's like unfinished business now. Why watch if you can't finish?

I scoured the malls for a copy of the movie but they didn't have any stock, so... I shall have to wait. LOL. What a break.

What I saw of it was funny though. In fact, here's one of my favorite scenes. Everyone thinks the heroine (pretending to be her brother in his new school) is a loser at this point since she obviously seems strange as she adjusts to her male status. So she gets her friends to help her out by making her look like a real ladies' man. She also dumps her brother's girlfriend (who she's never really liked) and gets in the good graces of the other guys. All in all, just funny and stupid.

Watch it.

We also celebrated my sister's birthday two weeks late yesterday. Yes, we finally did it. And we seem to have made up for it with effort. My sister had THREE cakes.

Cakes galore

I hope she enjoyed them. No wait, I know she did. We got her favorite cake. :D

OK, so my break's over. I'm going back to cracking my skull on schoolwork again. Physics and Calculus, here I (reluctantly) come!

Daisy on 10/02/2006 08:15:00 PM