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Random stuff about me

I got to thinking about how people are so different because of their beliefs, quirky behavior, and other nonconsequential thingamajigs.

Then I wondered what made me different (or similar depending on who you are) to everyone else, and here are five things that popped into my brain:

1) I walk like a drunk.

the average walkthe way I walk

Really. My friends and acquaintances (or just anyone who walks with me for a period of time) will attest to this. Instead of walking in a straight line, I wind around in curves and ultimately hit unsuspecting passersby. Every time I hit my sister, she'll look at me in irritated disgust and I'm left with slight embarrassment.

Hazel's the exception though. She also does not walk in a straight line so we hardly hit each other. I guess we're too busy going in multiple directions.

2) "The Fox & The Hound" made me cry.

Anyone's ever heard of this movie? I think it wasn't a really popular one, considering it's a Disney classic. There's not much of a love story but it's a friendship flick. It's about how a fox and a hound are friends in their childhood, but when they grow up, they're supposed to be enemies. They're stubborn about it, at first. Eventually, they stop going near each other and are just friends from afar.... Sniff. LOL.

I'm pathetic. But it does make me cry. I watched it a few weeks ago, and I was already crying before five minutes of running time had passed. Sappy, huh? Yuck. :D

3) I get panic attacks.

Sometimes, I'd be sitting in front of my computer (or playing the piano, doing a project, something) when I'd get alarmed without anyone to provoke me. Seriously, it's like the way you'd react if there was a fire, but there isn't one. My heart would beat double-time and I'd get extremely alert that it hurt. It was so weird.

I had them a lot when I was a kid, but it rarely happens these days.

See Wikipedia for more details.

4) I don't drink soda.

nothing against soda companies, of course

I got into the habit of drinking water all the time when I was trying to lose weight. It really worked, by the way. I lost about five pounds, and that helped a lot. The problem was that when I tried to drink soda again, I'd get a bad stomachache. I think my mother said I'm just not used to the acid anymore.

I still drink occasionally, but it's almost negligible.

5) Jesus completes me.

Yes, He really does.

Before I became a Christian, I was too frank (ultimately rude), extremely antisocial, and proud that I was smart. I don't think I was very nice but I was seemingly happy.

I felt like something was missing though. Life wasn't as great as I thought it would be, and I couldn't believe that was all there was to it.

God really changed me. I learned to open up to people and care what they were doing. God punctured my pride, and made me a better person. Sometimes, I do things that seem so natural then think "Wow. I wouldn't be caught doing this (i.e. being nice to a teacher, laughing with people I would have thought were losers a long time ago) if I hadn't met Jesus."

And I think that's pretty cool. Jesus rules. :D

OK, so that ends my blathering post. Hope it made a little sense. :)

Daisy on 8/27/2006 04:10:00 PM