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Beach, long talks, & lots of pictures

WARNING: Extremely long post with many pictures that may scare a few readers

But what can I say? After all that's been happening, this was bound to happen, wasn't it?

I haven't been able to blog about anything I've been doing (okay, so I haven't been able to turn on my computer, period) because of rats.

That's right, rats. Pesky rats that are sometimes the length of your forearm with big black beady eyes that jump around in your kitchen and make a lot of noise in passageways between your walls and eventually bite wires connecting electricity to your house until they get grounded and your computer doesn't turn on for a number of days.

That was a very long and incomplete sentence.

To make a long story short, our electricity was on the outs with us the past few days (read: since my birthday) and so I was having fun doing non-computer stuff while this was all happening. Thank you, rats.

I went to the beach for two days with forty-or-so members of my family. It was amazing.

our cool room with my smiling family

enjoying the pool

Dinner that night was really great. We ate by the beach under a clear starry sky (really clear, by the way). There was candlelight and a little breeze. Then you looked up and could see all these constellations. :D

The food was, of course, hard to see with candlelight but I took the best picture I could.


So I had no idea this was all for my birthday. But it was. :D The waiters and everyone just came out with a cake and started singing.

Daph, Ken, Ahia Wowo, me (closing my eyes, lol), and my cake

The cake was delicious, by the way. Strawberry icing, and a slightly moist cake. It was so fragrant and tasty.

There were a lot of other pictures but the post would be too long. :) After dinner, we headed for the resort's cafe for coffee and (what do you know?) more food. Ken, Daphy, and I split dishes.

lovely chocolate mousse with kahlua sauce (or something like that)

The mousse was good. We just kept digging into the glass; it was so chocolate-y, and the kahlua really gave it a bang.

baked macapuno pie

I didn't know macapuno was synonymous to coconut (in baked goods, anyway). I don't like coconut, but this tasted good. It was creamy.

After getting so stuffed, everyone decided to work off (or play off?) the calories in the resort's game room. We played until past eleven (pretty late since we were supposed to get up early the next day).

shooting pool (Yup, I learned how!)

table tennis (shaky picture, I apologize)

table soccer (Is that what it's called?)

Everyone had a lot of fun. My Dad injured his arm a little by lifting the whole soccer table up so he'd win, lol. There were other games of which I didn't get any good pictures. We returned to our cottage eventually, and had some fizzy champagne.

It was a nice end to a beautiful day. :D (Note: I don't believe in getting drunk but I think a glass of alcohol now and then doesn't hurt anyone.)

We got up early and went boating the next day. We were supposed to see some dolphins but all we ended up seeing was a lot of water. The waves were too rocky, I guess. It was still fun though.

Daphy and my cousins

my grandmother, me, and our sunglasses :D

We also swam in the sea. This is, of course, what is to be expected when one goes to the beach.

Jonny and the beach

If you skipped over all those pictures, I just want to say that it was a lot of fun.

the next day...

If anyone has read my former post, they'll remember Adam, the guy whose blog I kind-of advertised. Anyway, he was one of my good friends in high school (in two of the three schools I went to, technically). Complicated, so I won't go into the sordid details.

He decided to treat me to lunch since we hadn't seen each other in almost two years, and he just had money to spend foolishly on me.

Treating me to a lunch of pizza ended up including a snack and even almost a dinner. We spoke six hours and moved from one restaurant to another. We were just hanging out. I mean, what do you expect when people haven't seen each other for almost two years? There's got to be a lot to say.

So we talked about school, family, friends, Jesus, memories, comics, food, church, and pretty much everything we could think of. It's lovely to keep in touch with old friends.

Then I came home... and my computer turned on again. So here ends my delightfully wordy and long post. I'm tired, and I bet you are too.

Daisy on 8/23/2006 10:35:00 AM