This is me.
So ends 18 years...

...with a bang. Or rather, a scream.

I woke up this morning two hours late, and proceeded to miss my first period.

What a way to start my birthday. Yup, I'm 19 now.

I did get to school eventually. I thank God no one really did anything during the first class. He really looked after me though I got myself into trouble.

Everyone greeted me and even sang. It was embarrassing and funny at the same time.

Suy2, Arn2, Haze, me, Paul, Joni, Cookie, Fred, Teof, Drew, Kent, Israel, & Aries hanging around :D

My friends gave me a cute pair of earrings. I laughed and said thank you. I seriously didn't expect anything from them. I mean, we're having exams at the moment and everyone's real busy.

Yep, I had absolutely no idea.

On the way home during a four-hour break a while ago, Paul handed me a little gift bag. I opened it and saw... car keys? MY car keys? What the hell is this? (Yes, that was my exact reaction). Hazel said "You'll see. Just go to your car."

So what do you think my friends made? A real mess, that's what.

my car revamped

The car was strewn with balloons, and post-it notes with sweet messages from everyone. There was even a cute dog on the wheel. I was just thinking... OK, so I wasn't thinking. I was really surprised. Happy surprised.

a better shot

When I picked my jaw off the ground, I snapped the pictures. :D But the real shocker is finding out how everyone ganged up on me. My sister gave my friends my extra car keys, and her gift was on the front seat too.

Oh, wow. Thanks, guys!

I dearly love my friends (and sister too). And parents while we're at it. And everyone who greeted me, lol.

The day's not over yet though. But I've got class soon so I've got to go. Bye!


Yay, my midterm grade in one of my classes is really good. Now if only the others went the same way...

I spent the rest of the day visiting old friends with the people from church. I can't believe a lot of people actually remembered my birthday when I didn't even really remember it until the day showed up.

New layout, by the way. Yup, drew that myself with another base image. It's on blogskins right now. It took a lot of work (300 layers, lol), so I figured with that much effort, I might as well use it. :D Take care, everyone!

Daisy on 8/18/2006 04:44:00 PM