This is me.
Falling lights!

Anyone ever read the story Chicken Little? I've never seen the movie, but it might be similar. But in the original story, the chicken gets hit by an acorn. Instead of saying "Wow! A biological child of this beautiful tree!" or some other such rot, he panics and runs around saying "Help! Help! The sky is falling!"

I am about to follow his example. Ehem.

"Help! Help! The lights are falling!"

Seriously. Check this light, a normally functional one that brightens up my room. I have about ten to fifteen of these dotted around the ceiling.

Then look at the light right above the chair I sit on when using my computer.

See that spot where the light seems to be getting loose?


If I stop posting for more than a month, be assured I have probably been sent to heaven early by a falling light fixture.

I really have to have that light fixed before it drops on me.

Daisy on 7/13/2006 11:26:00 PM