This is me.
Friendship's a beautiful thing

Friends: where would I be without them? I might still be here but it'd be less meaningful and lonelier to boot.

First, there's Jesus. And He'll always be first if I can help it. He's never let me down (ever), and I know for sure He cares for me. He's the best friend I --- anyone, for that matter --- could have.

Then, there's my friends in college, in high school, and every other place I ended up in my relatively short span of life. They're all fun in different ways, and all crazy too. Guys, girls, old, new, little kids... They have all contributed to my (insane) personality.

April, Daphy,

Arn2, Cookie, Joni,

Hazel, Liesh,

my family (are my friends too),

friends from church...

... & a lot of other people whose good pictures I do not have are included in this non-exclusive fan club called "Be Friends With Daisy".

I'm such a dork.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to all of them.

Now everyone's thinking "What's got Daisy on this line of thought? What the heck happened to her today?"

Well, today, I caught up with an old friend. We actually got really close while taking the same ship to Ozamiz (little place in southern Philippines) about three years ago. We still see each other but we haven't really caught up because of different schools, situations, genders, & other little inconsequential details.

Until now.

We were heading home today when we just got started on our problems, things we've been doing lately, & even happy moments. He opened up some emotional baggage, but hey, so did I. We talked for about an hour, & figured we'd catch up more. Apparently, we worried about each other now and then but never got up the nerve to ask how things were going.

And I realized gosh, I missed him. Not only him, but I missed every one of my friends. The old ones I don't talk to or get awkward with now, the new ones who are some of the craziest people on earth, the in-between ones I found in different places...

Of course, Jesus is still with me but that's beside the point. :)

So here I am, saying thank you once again to every friend that's helped me and shaped me as I went along. I may not have showed how I appreciated you guys, but I do.

I once said my blog was occasionally serious and mostly crazy. Well, this is the occasionally serious part. Rest assured that I will not be this serious on my next post. :D

Daisy on 7/01/2006 01:27:00 AM