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Comedy: real life or otherwise

I love to laugh. Maybe because life's so busy, and it's easier to be serious. I don't know, I'm not here to psychoanalyze; I took an Engineering course for goodness sake.

But I do want to share a blog I found: Randomness With Enthusiasm. It's a riot; the writer uses topics on free Google ads to make up posts for comedy's sake. They're just crazy! Some of the humor may offend slightly though. Nothing perverse but there were some jokes on Mormons and polygamy. I guess you just have to remember it's all in fun. :)

Speaking of fun, I've been spending a lot more time with my family lately. Not that I don't spend time with them to begin with, but it is summer, after all.

Me, Ken, & Daphy (L to R)
saving the world from really bad cellphone signals

There are a whole bunch of us, in fact (about twenty or so on my father's side of the family). We usually just watch TV, talk, and enjoy good food. Spending time with family for family's sake can be really destressing, and one of our conversations comes to mind.

Well, last Sunday, we were eating out with the whole church, and we were sitting with the pastor's wife and her kids. She was trying to get them to eat in the way of all mothers crusading for healthier children. So...
P's Wife: Come on, just eat! Look at KD (we all look at my er, overweight cousin), he's very... strong. And healthy! Don't you want to be strong too?
Ken (a cousin): All right, let's work on our synonyms everyone! Strong, healthy, round, fat...

We all just burst into laughter. I mean, Ken's smile just screamed "Kindergarten teacher!" What can I say?

Comedy's fun. Just don't go too far and get a grip. :)

Daisy on 5/30/2006 04:48:00 PM