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Dessert (among other things)

silvanas (noun)
buttercreamy goodness

This is what I was scarfing about an hour ago to end my late dinner of oily pork. Unhealthy, I know, but no one really cooks at home (except me) and my mother doesn't want me to cook when I have class. So beggars can't be choosers.

Anyway, the silvanas were good. My mother detests the poor things; she says they are always too sweet. Being impartial to almost all kinds of food, I shrugged it off and bit into creamy deliciousness. And it was delicious.

We had bought this particular batch from our trip to Dumaguete (mentioned in a previous post). Evidently, Dumaguete was famous for these things. So I figured, what better way to try out a dish than when prepared by the best?

different angle, same silvanas

the brand

Yup, Ana Maria makes good stuff. I can prove that by my plate ten minutes later.

crumbs and emptiness

I savored every bite. :D


The title of this post is "Dessert (among other things)." So here are the other things.

First, Father's Day has come and gone. Daphne and I split the money to get Dad gifts, and he was appropriately touched. I don't know why he never expects us to give him anything. Maybe it's because he doesn't even remember when Father's Day is supposed to be.

We had a presentation for Father's Day at church. Songs were sung about fathers (especially the Great Dad Up There) and a short movie with very emotional actors/church friends flashed on screen. I played the violin, as usual, and Daphne sang her heart out. Well, not literally out but you get the idea.

I don't have any pictures from the occasion though. I forgot to bring my camera, and I've never regretted it more. It was a real success. A lot of people laughed; even I laughed. Wouldn't you when you saw your friends being so dramatic onscreen?

But when the estranged father and son became larger than life and ran through the church to a teary reunion, a lot of people cried too. I guess it was just a beautiful reminder of how God takes us in.

Daisy on 6/22/2006 10:49:00 PM