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Dolphins and such

I don't know what I'm supposed to start posting about. I'm just sitting here feeling the ill effects of not updating my blog and letting all the words pile up in my brain. Too much has happened lately.

OK, so maybe the dolphins first since I have already mentioned seeing them in a previous post. I'm going to quote myself so no one has to scroll down.
But I'm hoping when I see the dolphins, I'll get all teary-eyed and emotionally say it was worth it.

That's what I said before I left. So here's the verdict:


Stupid, I know. I was being sarcastic about what to expect from this trip.

Evidently, I underestimated how the dolphins would get to me. But no, I didn't cry.

Seriously (well, as serious as I can be), there were a lot of them. They jumped in the air, swam under our boat, let us take pictures... This is all pretty amazing since I know some people who went to see them before and didn't see them. Did that make sense?

I can't offer any pictures though. I promised my cousin (incidentally the professional one who caught the best shots) I would not post the dolphins on the internet because he didn't want them to be used for commercial purposes. And sadly, my own paltry efforts resulted in greyish blobs in a lavender sea.

I did get other pictures without dolphins though.

This particularly awed me. It was so quiet at that time.

Boats and sea as far as the eye can see...

My cousins swimming in the clear waters of the ocean... It almost looks like paradise.

So we really enjoyed the trip. I didn't even sleep during the road trips; we were too busy laughing and listening to really great music. The company wasn't bad either: mostly friends of my parents in church but they're a riot.

It was just what I needed to say goodbye to the summer and start school on the right foot.

Speaking of school, this morbid issue will be tackled in another post. I don't think anyone could take reading me blathering on and on like an idiot for too long. :)

Daisy on 6/16/2006 02:39:00 PM