This is me.
Survey... :D

Ruimin tagged me to do this. It's the first time anyone's ever tagged me for this sort of thing. Well...

Fact or Fiction

1. What is the best nickname you ever had?
erm... fedora_girl?
2. Which way of suicide would you choose?
take Chemical Engineering, lol
. seriously, I would never do that.
3. Rate your social life from 1 to 10. 9?
4. Are you in love with someone at the moment?
Sure. God, my family, friends... :)
5. Are you missing someone at the moment?
I miss a lot of people but I learn to live with it.
6. Will you die for the one you love?
I hope I could be the kind of person who'd say yes to that some day.
7. Do you think love hurts?
Oh yeah. But it's worth it.
8. What is the best thing about love?
It completes you.
9. What is the worst thing about love?
Putting all your love on the wrong thing/person.
10. Will you wait for someone you love?
Depends how hard I've fallen.
11. What song best describes your love life at the moment?
"My Savior, My God" by Aaron Shust. LOL, I'm not really interested in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship right now.
12. Do you wanna get married?
Sure, but with the right person and at the right time.
13. Have you talked to the person you love for the past 24 hours?
I love a lot of people so chances are... yeah.
14. Do you keep memories?
Yes, and they're beautiful to go back to.
15. Is love always on your side or the opposite?
Love's love. Period.
16. Are you sick of love?
No, it makes life colorful.
17. Are you sick of the the question of love?
If we're talking this survey, then yes, there are a lot of love questions...
18. What are you going to do tomorrow?
eat, drive, school, church... have fun with what I've got to do in general.
19. What do you want so badly now?
I want everyone I love to be all right.

2o. What's the song that you last downloaded?
"Shouldn't I Be Less In Love With You?" from the musical I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
21. How much do you love music?
Not as much as God, but a whole lot. :D
22. Do you play an instrument?
I play the violin, piano, keyboard, & guitar.
23. What movie did you last watch?
Pirates of The Caribbean 2.
24. Do you believe in love forever?
Sure. What's God's love supposed to be?
25. What's in your mind now?
this, my latest blogskin, and a whole lot of private stuff.
26. What song is in your mind now?
No song, really.
27. Five people to do this:
er... Fish Fries, Hazel, Liliana, Kat, & Huiwen? :)

And so that's it. I've got to be in school in an hour so... bye!

Daisy on 7/31/2006 11:04:00 AM