This is me.
Busy busy busy :)

As Cookie always says, we're ehem, "busy busy busy". LOL.

I just sang for English class today to the strumming of my guitar, and played violin for Cookie's presentation. It was a little freaky. I mean, I was the first to sing, and everyone was just murmuring and staring. My voice wasn't that bad, was it?

Not that most of the people who read this would know since they've never heard my voice before.

Anyway, yes, I feel busy (though not as busy as last week or the week before). But still, time's moving quickly. After all this, it's semestral break though and that cheers me up to no end.

So... *drum roll, lovely music of choice*

1) I must study Physics.
Because I have an exam this Tuesday, and my grades aren't really that great in this subject. I sometimes think my brain wasn't wired for this scientific mumbo-jumbo. But ah well... it's nice to learn a few things now and then.

2) I must study for Chemistry Laboratory.

Because I also have an exam on Monday, and I missed an exam which lowered my grades, I'm sure. X)

3) I must make a program for Computer Lecture.
This one is pretty cool, actually. My project involves playing with a program and figuring out what makes it tick. And then, I have to write it in coding script, and get the same game with my own codes. If I get it right, it's a perfect grade all the way without even computing my tests and stuff. WOW. The stakes are high.

4) I must videotape commercials for English.
Yup, we're doing commercials for English, and we have to videotape at my house this Friday. I think we're missing one class to do it, but there's no other free time we could think of. Well, it'll be fun (and funny, lol). It's going to be a real time crunch though; I still have to edit all the videos.

5) I must study for my Calculus exam.
Gah. Calculus is really challenging: the most units, the most hours of study, and the least understood. We've got an exam covering everything we've taken up the whole semester. And this exam's on Wednesday. Uh-oh.

6) I must write better posts for my blog.
Yes, yes, I can see all those readers (if there are any lately since I haven't updated too often) nodding their heads vigorously. Unfortunately, life seems to be getting in the way of my blogging habits. Still, I must write better.

7) I must take my PE practical exam.

We're doing martial arts actually. It's pretty cool except when my hands and knees hurt from a whole hour of practicing without stopping. We're using two sticks now, and we wave it around and try (not) to hit each other pretty fast.

8) I must study for Physics Laboratory exam.
It's this Friday. Enough said.

There are other things which are usually on my list: living for God, being the best I can be, and etc. But I really must sleep now, and I'm too tired.

Still, here are a few pictures though to reward whoever got this far in my post without pictures. :D

I missed a class to attend my sister's cheer dance competition in her school last Thursday. It was fun, especially since this was my last high school (the one I actually graduated from out of the three I was in LOL).

They had a lot of cool effects: fire, confetti, dyed hair and hands, hand stands, and other human structures built to awe and impress. These were just some of the things they had in store for the rest of us parents / relatives / students / judges sitting in the bleachers.

And after all that work, after my sister getting fever from late practices, after watching countless dance movies and videos to get inspired, after shelling money for costumes and props, after this extremely long pointless sentence... they won. THEY WON!

Their joy is boundless.

My sister's graduating from high school this year, so I guess this is a fitting legacy to leave behind.

And I can say they really deserved it. It was worth missing class for.

My Mom and I had a late breakfast at a bakery afterwards.

so many goodies to gobble up

what I eventually gobbled up

I ended up getting Devil's Peak, a chocolate cone with chocolate drizzled on it. People tell me chocolate is related to the devil because it's so good that it causes you to sin. I, for one, just don't get it. But then, I've never really liked chocolate all that much. Or sweets, for that matter.

I was a kid who didn't like ice cream, chocolate, and sweets. That gave me perfect teeth and made me boring.

But I digress once more. Anyway, I ordered this out of curiosity. And it was all right as far as chocolate goes. It was harder than I expected; I put my fork into it and didn't make a dent. I ended up using some of my nonexistent muscle to slice it up.

I was just talking with my Mom anyway so I didn't really care about what I was eating.

After that, I went back to class and sat around trying to understand as usual. :)

Oh yes, I submitted a new skin on

See here.

You can download it too if you want.

Anyway, I shall sleep now. Goodnight, world. And God bless everybody.

Daisy on 9/27/2006 11:25:00 PM