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Parties, food, friends, & lots of photos

It's been a really busy week. Aside from stressing for exams, I've been hit by a flood of birthdays (ending tonight). I've also gone out with friends, cooked, and a bunch of other things not computer-related.

First, the birthdays. We celebrated my cousin's birthday, the other cousin's birthday, my sister's birthday, and my grandfather's birthday over the course of the weekend. There are more than fifty people in my father's side of the family (and about eighty on my mother's side), so we have birthdays popping up at least twice a month. Or at least, I think it's twice a month. I've never really counted them.

Anyway, my sister's birthday has passed and *gasp* I haven't bought her a gift yet. Her birthday was quite busy. She had practices on top of practices for extracurricular and other school activities, projects, assignments, tests, and even attended a birthday party that wasn't hers. No wonder she got really sick too. Her fever made us postpone her birthday celebration until she felt like it. Which is why I haven't gotten her a gift yet.

Our grandfather's 83rd birthday was a real bash though. We had dinner at this great buffet with so many choices that I couldn't pick. I mean, how could I pick? So I solved the problem by getting a little of virtually everything.

glorious food :DFood, glorious food!

I normally don't like desserts. There's really nothing wrong with them but I'm more of a meat-and-potato type of girl. But even I appreciated their large array of desserts.


More desserts!

That wasn't even everything. There was a spot with ice cream dishes, and one with native desserts, one with crepes, and another... Well, you get the idea. Everything was pretty: whipped cream twirls, cheesecake you could just sink your teeth into, and other dessert delectables I'm not very familiar with. I did get a crepe though.

It was really good: mangoes in dough with large amounts of mango sauce, chocolate syrup and cream dribbled on them. It was also pretty fattening if you think about it. But I don't think about it so that's a moot point.

People are always telling me that I put so many pictures of food in my posts. So I shall take this moment to put pictures of people with the food. In other words, the rest of these pictures are of people now. I'll try, anyway. :D

So here's my fooding mates and me. We generally enjoy family functions like the one above because we get so many different kinds of food and share to prevent exploding from overeating. These are the people I will finish liters of Coke with. And that's saying something since I don't drink soda.

Me (with those crazy eyebrows raised), Ken, & Daphy

I've been hanging out with my college friends the past week too (which is what most college students do). We had breakfast at Jollibee (this fastfood place, for your information) last erm... Thursday because one of our teachers didn't show up for class.

HazelHazel (and her food)

Paul, Suy2, Joni's hair (and their food)

Cookie looking at her free newspaper

Arn2 looking at me instead of her free newspaper

We enjoyed those free newspapers, in fact. Hazel gawked over a new iPod model in the technology section, Joni gawked over Orlando Bloom in the entertainment section, and I... just gawked, I guess. We all did the crossword though, and seemed to have fun doing it. Oh, the simple joys of life.

We also went to the mall last week in between exams. Call it destressing.

We looked at books, stuffed toys, and other stuff. The idea was to buy birthday gifts for the classmate whose party we're attending tonight. I don't think we all ended up buying her stuff but we had fun.

in the bookstore

Paul and a stuffed animal

I've been studying pretty hard lately because I don't really understand my lessons anymore. It's terrible and it worries me. My parents aren't pressuring me to get really high grades though. They've always said they care more about whether I've learned anything, and are happy with me no matter what my grades are. Did I mention I love my parents?

And God's always around and taking care of me. Even when everything's in a whirl, I'm right in his hands, and they're as strong as rock. That's a Bible verse paraphrased actually.

I shall leave you with something to smile or stare at depending on your personality and how quick it will be to amuse you. These were part of the decor of a restaurant the family went to (and enjoyed, of course, because there's no point in going if you don't enjoy it).

Cute, aren't they?

Daisy on 9/19/2006 04:18:00 PM