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Today's Friday the Thirteenth, people! It's my lucky day.

And Arn2x's too. We had a serious (mis)adventure today.

Me and Arn2x

To begin with, Arn2x won a ticket for a drinking party on a contest over the radio. And if you think this drinking party is for people to drink water, I applaud your innocence. Actually, it's for beer which is why Arn2x had absolutely no use for the ticket and was finding someone to give it to.

But still, winning something... Just dialing the number takes a lot of guts. It's the principle of the thing.

So we went to the radio station and rejoiced in the fruits of Arn2x's victory. OK, so we didn't. The ticket wasn't there yet and we went back to school. But first, we got called in by a traffic policeman for making a wrong turn.

We basically got into an intersection, and I was like "Arn, is there a sign saying we can't turn?" The two of us looked left and right and didn't see anything, so off we went on our misadventure. When the policeman made us stop at the curb, we both started to pray.

I think we must have looked appropriately pathetic because he left us with a warning and gave me my license back. Whee. And so God got us out of the mess I put us into and saved me from long hours of driving seminars and expensive fees.


eating, as usual

Cookie, Arn2x, and me had a craving for cheap yummy siomai in hot sauce so we ended up across our school happily eating with our hands. Henri and Joni opted to get the siomai as take-out and went back in the school.

Seriously, it's good. For 24 Philippine pesos (less than half a US dollar), we got three siomais dribbled with lovely sauce and calamansi juice and three wrapped heart-shaped rice pieces (otherwise known as puso to us).

So there it was.

And now, it's gone.

It's probably the last lunch (breakfast?) we'd have together before the semester ended. Yup, that's right. I have three weeks of lovely vacation in store to fool around with. I'll probably be working a little for my mother and zipping around on spontaneous trips. And eating, of course. We can't forget eating.

Not to mention blog designing. After three weeks of quiet from the artistic side of my brain, it finally spit out the blog layout you're staring at now. And it got me my sixth Skin of the Day on

Whee. Download it here.

Seriously though, I think God helps me out with these things. Half the time, I felt like I don't know what I'm doing. And that's usually the way it is with me in designing, studying, and the rest of my life. I draw a little, erase, cut, paste, undo, cut again, paste, undo, ask my sister for her cherished opinion, then sit back and stare at it. Soap, rinse, and repeat. Haha.

I shall leave you with a picture of my Mother's wonderful fruit salad in cream.

my Mother's wonderful fruit salad in cream

And oh, the lovely sandwich I had in a coffee shop last Sunday. It was one of those cold ones, and took a little time to get used to. I'm not much of a sandwich person but it was surprisingly good. Turkey slices, lettuce, tomatoes, and sliced hard-boiled eggs on wheat bread, yum... I want to eat it again.

an ugly blurred picture of a beautiful sandwich

Anyway, I'm happy. And I still have quite a bit to study. So I'll go now to strain my brains out of the sieve we all call Organic Chemistry. Goodnight, everyone!

Daisy on 10/13/2006 11:59:00 PM