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Superman & the flood

Whee games!

My mom sent me a really cool e-mail a few days ago. It was a game promoting the movie Superman Returns. You're a photographer trying to get great pictures of Superman flying in the air for the newspaper. Of course, he zips by the cityline so fast that you'll have to be just as quick.

And there he goes!

After you finish all your shots (or the time limit ends, whichever comes first), your shots get graded.

Sometimes, it's good and sometimes, you miss him entirely.

I got a close-up of him a few times. :D

There are five levels, and they get a little harder each time (as levels are supposed to do). Superman flies by faster, and the time limit ends earlier. X) Then comes the final score.

I didn't do too badly, did I?

And the funny thing is I've never seen the movie. Join me in my childish antics and play the game here. It's fun! :D

OK, in other breaking news, it rained very hard yesterday. Very hard.

the great flood

Our school is in the middle of one of the worst drainage systems in my place. So when it rains, the canals get clogged up with junk and the water just rises and rises.

Unfortunately, we had gone out to lunch before this all started. So we were stranded by dirty more-than-knee-deep water. Usually, we'd just go right into it. But it was raining pretty hard, and we had no clothes to change into after we got to school. So we waited.

Eventually the rain stopped (I prayed pretty hard, by the way). Then God's rescue came in the form of Edward (a classmate) and his large black pick-up. So we got back to school without getting wet. Whee...

My sister's explaining that we have to go now. So I'll stop. Bye!

Daisy on 9/05/2006 06:41:00 PM