This is me.
Rotoscoliosis, etc.

I was cramming with my friends for a major Physics exam yesterday. I picked up my phone and checked my messages about the time Cookie was shooting velocity and horsepower questions at me. I don't think I answered her very well though; my Mom's message shocked me speechless.

messageThe first thought that marqueed through my brain was "What?" When it eventually sank in, the next thought was "Thank God it's only mild."

If you're wondering what that was supposed to mean, it's the answer to my x-ray episode in the last post. Being as ignorant as I am, I didn't know what rotoscoliosis was. Apparently, it's a disease where your spine isn't completely straight and rotates. This causes pain (which I have) and deformation to the body (which I don't really have).

I missed class today (yay, me, LOL) to go for therapy at the hospital. My bone problem isn't such a big thing. I have problems with my muscles though, so the therapist taught me a bunch of exercises, and did a lot of stuff I didn't understand. I felt better afterwards so it must have worked.

I still have a lot of visits to make to the hospital though.

I really want to thank God for taking care of me through this. I mean, it's not such a big thing, but it was pretty scary for me. I hardly get sick and suddenly, this pops up. But God probably has some lessons for me to learn along the way. I'll just have to sit up and take notice. :)

My Mom and I went out after the therapy for some heart-to-heart conversation. I really feel I can tell my Mom anything, and I'm glad about that. I mean, she listens and gives advice, but she never judges. Not to mention the fact that she's as silly as can be and loves food as much as I do.

And the food was good.

I got this flaky butter croissant which I loved to pieces. It was pretty airy, like biting into a flavorful goosedown pillow. I also loved that it flaked just right (in other words, it did not explode into a million pieces after the first bite).

croissant goodness

If you know me well (like my Mom), you'll say the same thing she did: "Is that ALL you're going to eat?" And the answer is... OF COURSE NOT.

I also got pork chops in honey barbeque sauce. The rice in the picture was all broken up because I dug into it before I remembered to take a picture. Sorry about that. :)

I love porkies.

The pork chops were good. They were still steaming hot so I let them air for a while (what a term, LOL). I don't know; I've never enjoyed eating anything that was still hot from the oven / stove / other cooking appliance. And neither does my Mom; she got my ice cubes to put in her coffee.

Anyway, the pork chops. They were pretty soft, and they tasted a little sweet. This is to be expected when one orders pork with HONEY barbeque sauce, but I've learned that the menu lies occasionally. The salad on the side (which most people I know never eat) was also pretty good.

My Mom got pancakes. In the middle of the night, I know, but this particular place sold breakfast all day. Very oxymoronic, but there you go. Well, the pancakes were WOW. I can't even describe them. Fluffy with milk and who knows what else they put into these things. They made my Mom very happy.

airy pancakesLovely!

I was pretty tired when I got home (still am, in fact) but God still had some other surprises.

I got Skin of the Day on today! My fourth Skin of the Day!

here it is

It must be kind-of stupid to put a screenshot of the skin I'm using on my blog now into my blog. Oh well... :D God's really great. I wasn't expecting this, and didn't think much about submitting it. And it's something to cheer me up after sitting for hours in the hospital.

Anyway, up to here for now. I still have to study a bit more, do my back exercises, and sleep early. Bye!

Daisy on 9/13/2006 09:48:00 PM