This is me.
Food, friends, & wrinkles(?)

A lot of stuff have been happening so I didn't really get the time to post. I made a few blog designs (including the one that's gracing my blog now), went to the mall, studied (seriously), and was busy in church.

Anyway, we had breakfast at a new place today. Well, it technically wasn't new but it was the first time I went there with my family.

chairs and things

bread because every bakery has one

These are not very good pictures, by the way. I always find myself without my camera when I feel like snapping shots. Why is that, I wonder...

But it was a nice place as far as bakeries go. The sunlight filtered in extremely delicate tones on the beautiful wooden... And I shall stop now because that sounded a little too poetic.

We got mini-pies for breakfast.

I know, I got two. But in my defense, my mother got two too.

stirring her coffee confection

I got a pineapple mini-pie and a lemon meringue mini-pie. Yes, those are their actual names.

The pineapple one was great. The crust wasn't too hard and it crumbled just right when I bit it. In other words, it didn't explode into a million tiny pieces right when I stuck my teeth into it.

The lemon meringue one was... well, I don't like meringue much so I forbear from commenting too much on this. I can say the lemon's too sour if you eat it without the meringue though. In other words, it must be perfect with the sweet meringue. :D

On other breaking news, I learned that my skin is starting to wrinkle between my eyebrows (right where my brain is supposed to be if it's there). I fully blame all the squinting I used to do in the years I wandered about with no eyeglasses or contact lens.

Now I spend my time smoothing my brow with my fingertips, hoping those wrinkles will just disappear. OK, so I don't spend my time doing that. It's just too crazy.

My first wrinkles at 19. At this rate, my face will look like a road map when I'm 90.

By the way, my college friends and I finally got a good picture in between classes. But then, we don't take much pictures in the first place. Anyway, here it is. (Note to Hazel: I'll e-mail the full size to you. :D)

I think that was enough blathering to keep everyone bored for a few days, wasn't it? So I'm leaving. Take care, everyone.


By the way, about this blog design. I know Pride & Prejudice came out about a year ago so this would be old news. But I hadn't started making blogskins when the movie came out so I thought "What the heck. I'll do it now and make Jane Austen happy wherever she is." Or not.

I seriously think my brain is not normal.

Daisy on 9/03/2006 05:43:00 PM