This is me.

The ants go marching one by one, hurrah hurrah...

I don't know who actually wrote that song lyric I used as a caption up there (Note: I googled it but couldn't find anyone to credit but my cousin who sings it to me quite often.), but it seemed appropriate.

It all started with our dog, Reese, and his hobby of eating the grout keeping our bathroom tiles together. We've scolded him and sassed him to no avail; those gritty cement-like things somehow find their way into his diet when we aren't looking.

Because of this, Reese has opened up parts of our bathroom wall and floor. And because of this, the ants have come out to bravely explore our world. They run about our sink and under our toiletries. They eat Reese's food. They're even crawling on my laptop's screen as I write this post.

I don't feel like killing them since they aren't trying to bite me.

On the other hand, Daphy (my sister) has been killing as many of these little --- and I quote my Mom here --- "helpless pitiful things" as she can. I can't really blame her though since she's had the more unusual pest experiences since this ant struggle has started.

Once she was washing her hands at the sink when she accidentally splashed water in a hole under our faucet. The hole, by the way, seems to be some design thingamajig of some sort. Anyway, she splashed water in and a large regiment of really big black ants came out and ran around the whole sink. She killed them and left their carcasses on the sink as a warning to other ants to leave the area.

Yes, she actually said that last sentence.

She also looked out the bathroom window last week, and scared herself by encountering the same kind of ants crawling all over the screen. Now, the bathroom window being quite high and me being two inches shorter than Daphy kept me from having the same experience.

At least Daphy has turned to pesticides in her anti-"ants in the house" stand, and it has resulted in less ant attacks and more dead bodies lying around the floor. She's gotten the holes in the bathroom plugged as well.

I hope the ants are smart enough to retreat to greener pastures in our backyard.

Daisy on 9/29/2008 12:22:00 AM