This is me.
Studies, Sketches, Spaghetti, & Smiles

It's a stupid title, I know. The fact that all the topics of this post started with "S" just tickled my strange sense of the ridiculous.

My Mother is smiling.

My brain feels pretty fried from studying the whole weekend; it's crammed with drawings of industrial machinery, chemical formulas, and little useless tidbits I've picked up from the internet. OK, so that last one mentioned probably came from the occasional web surfing during my free time.

I'm tired but the exams aren't over yet. It's Intramurals week next week though (read: NO CLASS), so I'll get to draw even more then. An idea for my new blog design has finally popped up in my brain in detail but there's no time to draw it. Boo.

Oh well, I'll keep studying and praying I'll remember what I studied when I need it. But some of the stuff I'm studying is pretty interesting. And that's pretty cool; at least I'm not putting stuff I don't like in my head.


And yet another new sketch, ladies and gentlemen.

It's all pencilwork this time, and based on a photo of a smiling lady I saw in a book. It took a bit of work and lots of erasures but I think it turned out okay. (Thank God.) I can't believe I had this drawing in me. See it here.


Aglio Olio

I haven't put up photos of food I've been eating much lately. So here's a memorable meal. OK, it's real easy to cook (cooked spaghetti and olive oil, anyone?) but the way the spices and shrimp jazz the dish up was pretty tasty.

I can still remember it. Sigh.

Oh yes, before I forget...

Reese (our Shih Tzu) says hello. He's so cute when he smiles like that.

Daisy on 8/13/2007 10:40:00 PM