This is me.
Quote, design, etc.

As you may have noticed, I've got a new blog design. I would have kept the old one for longer but it's just not Christmas anymore.

Anyway, another teacher didn't show up for class so I went home again. I'm trying to do some homework so I'll be free tonight. :D

So the Bible camp / conference? Hm, it was great. The topic was Experiencing God, and we all learned more about what it really means to follow Jesus. I particularly learned that I should stop looking at my insecurities and just fix my eyes on God.

By the way, I found a sad quote yesterday.
If all Christians acted like Christ, the whole world would be Christian. - Mahatma Gandhi
It's quite true, actually. I heard a story about how Mahatma Gandhi was attracted to the idea of Christianity. He went to a church, but was made to sit on the floor in front of the pulpit because he was poor. The rich, on the other hand, got the best seats. This turned him off since it meant there was still inequality in the church. And so he never became a Christian.

I know a few people who won't accept Christ because they act better than some Christians do. It would be cool if Christians acted their name. I hope I could act my name.

Daisy on 1/04/2007 09:18:00 AM