This is me.
And after 48 years...

OK, so maybe after a week and a half (that title is one of my cousin's sayings), I have updated! As usual, I got busy working (on blogskin requests and real work), getting used to school again, and spending time (eating) with family and friends. To top it all off, my internet connection fizzled out when I thought of updating my blog.

It was just fixed today so... yeah.

First, school started last week (though it unofficially started today). It's a known secret that teachers and students don't show up in my school the first week class starts. So if we do end up going there, we students just bum around, go out, and pretend that we're going to have class.

what my friends and I were doing instead

what we were also doing

and doing

and doing :D

I actually got in school about the third day because of work and relative laziness. My friends were there earlier and ended up eating out, playing computer games, and doing stuff that weren't extremely academic. Fun, isn't it?

Arn pretending to be part of a mural in Jollibee (fastfood place)

The picture above shows one of the places we were actually in while school was going(?) on.

My sister and I also went shopping for clothes. I think this would bore people though so I shall pass over it for some of the food we've been eating. We went to one of my favorite restaurants last week.

the restaurant

their ceiling decor

their food

Yes, the food was good. I got baby back ribs slathered in hickory barbeque sauce while in the background, you can see my Mother digging into her samurai chicken. I think my sister's food merited a mention though: ostrich skewers.

unusual, maybe?

I don't know if ostrich is all that strange but I know I haven't eaten it in a while. My sister said it was tasty but she got tired of it pretty fast. I enjoyed my dish immensely (as I always do), but for some weird reason, couldn't finish it. I don't know; I haven't been eating as much lately.

Anyway, food aside, I've been reading my Bible every morning these days and it's been helping me a lot. It's wonderful how God's words are somehow just what I need that day.

The other day, I read about how Elijah (a prophet in the Old Testament) raised a boy from the dead for a widow he was staying with. And I felt God just telling me He was consistent. He's said He loves me and has great good plans for me, and I've got to trust that He's still going to follow through when I wonder why He's put me where I am.

I've always thought a lot about why I ended up with a Chemical Engineering course. Or an engineering course, for that matter. I'm not interested in Math, a big thing to engineers. I do like Chemistry, but other than that, I have to make a lot of effort just to get what we're learning. I mean, I studied six hours for every Calculus exam we had last semester. But every time I think of shifting, I really feel I'm where I'm supposed to be. And I guess I am since God has taught me a whole lot since college kicked in.

I'm glad I can just trust God and stop worrying about the rest of my future. Because even if I did plan everything down to the birthdate of each of my supposed children, it wouldn't happen if God had something better. And I know He does have great plans for me and everyone else under His care if we all trusted Him. I do wonder how my story's going to be like.

Anyway, I guess I have to study for my classes tomorrow. At least I've written something here and it's another load off my mind. So God bless and take care, everyone! And to all the Singaporeans, enjoy your vacation!

Daisy on 11/13/2006 07:14:00 PM