This is me.
And yet another survey :D

Allie, Daphy, and me

Look who I spent almost the whole week with! Allie came with us and she didn't go home for almost three days LOL.

Anyway, my escapades aside, I told Jennie I'd do this survey so... here it is. And to Rhaline, if you're reading, I'm still thinking of 9 weird things. I shall post them when I'm finished.

So here's a chance for everyone to know more about me. Whoopee. I'm not sure if that was sarcastic, but here goes... *gets ready to start spitting out information*

As usual, my own irrelevant little comments are in red.

Name: Daisy (but if you're reading my blog, you already knew that)
Birthday: August 18, 1987 (I'll be leaving my teen years soon.)
Hair color: somewhere between black & dark brown
Height: 5'3" (I guess. I haven't checked in a while. Like two years or so.)
Right handed or left handed: left handed (this is where most people ask "What? You're really left handed? Wow.")
Your heritage: Chinese (but I'm a Filipino citizen)
The shoes you wore (are going to wear) today: white flipflops (I did wear strappy heels yesterday. Strappy three inch heels that looked pretty and painful. I'm pretty girly, actually. I can run in heels.)
Your weakness: I don't know. Good food?
Your fears: Fear? I don't know; I've never thought about it.
Would like to achieve this year (by the end of this year): Erm, clean my room. :D (This is where I would like to thank my Mother for being very patient about the mess.)
Your most overused phrase on an instant messenger: I don't use instant messenger anymore. It's too addictive.
Thoughts first waking up: Get up get up get up! (I'm not good at waking up so... yeah.)
Your best physical feature: My skin or my hair maybe. Or my waist? :D (I don't really know. This is what people just say to me.)
Your bedtime: 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, 3, even 4... It changes often.
Most missed memory: Time spent with my family
Pepsi or coke: water :D
McDonalds or Burger King: I like both but we don't have a Burger King here... (So if I said McDonald's, that would be unfair, wouldn't it?)
Single or group dates: Group, I guess. More fun, less pressure.
Lipton ice tea or nestea: Nestea
Chocolate or vanilla: Are we talking ice cream flavors here? Because I don't like ice cream. *listens to the horrified gasps of a million ice-cream loving humans*
Cappuccino or coffee: I like tea, thank you. (Brown rice tea, earl grey tea, black tea, chinese tea, and green tea are my personal favorites.)
Do you smoke: Nope, don't want to trash my health. (I mean, my smoking grandpa died of lung cancer and never got to see me grow up. What do you think I'd do?)
Do you swear: No.
Do you sing: Yeah. Everyone does, just not as good as others may be.
Do you shower daily: Yeah. (Do you know how hot it is in the Philippines? I know someone who bathes at least 3 times a day.)
Have you been in love: With God, and my parents. Never with a guy. :) (And that means I'm just really busy or really immature.)
Do you want to go to college: I am in college. Everyone goes to college here.
Do you want to get married: Sure, just not right now. When I'm ready. :)
Do you believe in yourself: I believe that God believes in me. (That's not the same thing, is it?)
Do you get motion sickness: No. (I used to but after all the boat, train, bus, car, and plane rides...)
Do you think you are attractive: I don't know. Who thinks of stuff like this? I'm me.
Are you a health freak: Just enough but not freaky. (I will eat vegetables, and abstain from softdrinks and junkfood, but I put my foot down on a vegetarian lifestyle. Unless the family couldn't afford to buy meat, then I'd become a vegetarian. I'm babbling again, am I not?)
Do you get along with your parents: Yup. :) My parents are fun! (And I think all parents are if we try to understand them.)
Do you like thunderstorms: No real feeling either way. (Last week, I stood with the maid outside during a thunderstorm. Our jeans were rolled up so the floodwater wouldn't make us wet, and everytime it thundered, she screamed lol. Just something I remembered.)
Do you play an instrument: Yup. The violin, piano, guitar, and a little keyboard. (But I love my violin best.)
Drank alcohol: Yeah. (But never to get drunk and only with my parents LOL.)
Did you smoke in the previous month?: Nope. (Nor in the previous 19 years I've lived either.)
Were you on drugs in the previous month?: No.
Did you go on a date in the previous month?: Oh yeah. With my Mom and my sister on many different occasions. (I personally think a date doesn't have to be with a guy you're interested in.)
Have you been to the mall in the previous month?: Yes. (Heck, I've been in two today.)
Did you eat a box of oreas in the previous month?: What are those? Do you mean Oreos?
Did you eat sushi in the previous month?: Yup yup :D I love raw fish. (My favorite is salmon but tuna is also good. Not to mention mackerel... *blathers on about food*)
Did you go on stage the previous month?: Yeah, played my violin.
Were you dumped in the previous month?: Nah.
Did you go skinny-dipping the previous month?: Nope. (I didn't even go swimming the previous month.)
Did you steal in the previous month?: No.
Ever been drunk?: No. I know my limits.
Ever been called a tease?: I don't know. ('Cause I've heard some people have done so in the past 19 years, but never to my face. So... what's that? Yes or no?)
Ever been beaten up?:No.
Ever shoplifted?: Nope.
How do you want to die: It won't matter what I want anyway because no one can choose how.
What do you want to be when you grow up?: I'll tell you when I figure it out. (I'll probably become an engineer though.)
Which country would you like to visit?: I've been to lots of places and I still want to see the rest. (In other words, I'd like to go everywhere I've never been. Even Iceland.)
Favourite eye color?: I don't know. (You can't pick and choose for other people anyway unless you chase them with colored contacts.)
Favourite hair color?: It doesn't matter. Anyone can pull off a color that's their personality.
Short or long hair?: Depends on the person and what looks better on them.
Height: Medium or tall. (But no, I do not hate short people.)
Weight: Again, it does not matter.
Best clothing style?: Vintage? But everyone can make a style work for them.
No. of drugs you've taken?: Lots (if we're talking vitamins, cold, fever, and cough medicine)
No. of CDs you have: I've never counted.
No. of tattoes: None. Neither do I want any. (I keep thinking that I might regret the tattoos I'd put in my immature stage when I'm old and grey. Then I'd have to go for removal and that costs a bundle.)
No. of things you did that made you regret: Does anyone count these things?
Your friends to do this quiz: If you feel like doing it, do it. :)

And there it is. My brain output for the day. OK, so I did work and stuff but let's forget that for a while.

I'm going to be pretty busy tomorrow.
Not in school though my friends will get stuff teachers may be giving out. The school doesn't really start classes properly until the second week anyway. I'm trying to finish up what I've been doing this semestral break. I'll blog when I can!

Daisy on 11/06/2006 11:10:00 PM