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9 Weird Things

Whee, a list! I promised Rhaline that I'd do the survey on 9 weird things sometime. It took a while to think up and I was stumped for days. I mean, I've been doing this supposedly weird stuff for my whole life. How will I know what's normal to me is weird to other people? And then, instead of nine, I came up with fifteen.

OK, I hear you: FIFTEEN? It's too long a post to dump on you unsuspecting readers, so I shortened it to nine again.

1) I only drink alcohol with my parents.

People my age usually don't even let their parents know they drink. In my case, only my parents know that I drink. My Dad taught me how because he said he didn't want me to be ignorant (and get taken advantage of by other people).

But we don't get drunk and we only drink on special occasions. So it's not a big deal.

2) I think McDonald's is a 4-star restaurant.
My sister and I don't go to McDonald's together very often, but when we do, it's like fine dining. Maybe because we're easily pleased?

3) I eat at weird times.

OK, so my family eats at weird times and I'm just thrown in the bargain. Basically, I have no breakfast, eat lunch around 1 pm (unless I'm in school), and have dinner at 10 in the evening. I think it's because we wait for my parents to get home from work.

4) I fear rats more than snakes.

I was reading a book in our library once when a rat fell on me from the ceiling. I freaked and ran up the stairs, then freaked even more when I realized we were out of rat traps. I wasn't comfortable for weeks.

Another time, I was sitting in a car with the family when I felt something cold wrap around my leg. I told my Dad to stop the car, then we turned on the light and unraveled my sister's snake from around my leg. He got out of his cage in the back. It didn't faze me at all.

Go ahead, say it. WEIRD.

5) When my sister plays video games, I sit beside her during the major fights and total the damage she's doing on a scientific calculator.

Maybe it's moral support? Sisterly bonding? It's fun!

6) I cry at movies that aren't even remotely tear-jerking.

the Nanny herself

I cried while watching Nanny McPhee, and Cookie won't let me forget it. I cried in a whole bunch of movies that I'm not mentioning specifically, but I think of it as one of my personality quirks. I mean, it doesn't harm anyone when I tear up, does it?

7) When I like a song, I'll listen to it over and over for days until I get sick of it.

This is a good moment to share a video with a song I'm crazy about lately.

I'm getting into country music (this is Martina McBride singing "There You Are"), but I'm also into rock, classical, world, and alternative music.

This particular song is one I've been listening to for about three days. I don't find it annoying though; at least the song stuck in my head is nice. :D

8) I'm slightly obsessive-compulsive.

I arrange books in bookstores in alphabetical order, and I even fold up clothes in boutiques. But it's controllable.

9) I stopped drinking Coke because I was afraid I would get addicted.

nothing against soda companies, of course

I kept thinking "What if I get stuck on a deserted island and still drink a lot of Coke? I'd go crazy without it!" So to make my life easier if ever I get stuck on this deserted island, I stopped drinking. Yes, that was my real reason.

The nine people I have tagged to do this:
No one in particular. I understand how busy everyone is but it would be fun if you guys could try it out. :D

So that's it, ladies and gentlemen. It's a view into the distorted and unique parts of my personality that God made up. God's a really original guy. :)

Oh, and I submitted two blog designs the past few days: my old blue dandelion one, and the one I'm using now. Just check for it in my list of submitted skins here.

Bye, everyone! I'm playing the wedding march for a wedding (Duh, it's not for a funeral...) in a few hours and I've got to prepare.

Daisy on 11/26/2006 01:51:00 PM