This is me.
Hey! Guess what?

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm in Singapore! I'm actually typing in the hotel behind my hotel because they have cheaper Internet rates. :D

Whee, this is the first time I've updated my blog in another country. OK, in another computer for that matter.

No pictures today though; I didn't think I'd find a computer here so I didn't bring the USB connections of my camera and mobile phones.

Everything's real fun so far. We went to Sentosa yesterday, and shopped in Raffles City. It was fun to get back here; it's been a long time.

I didn't have time to send anyone I knew here (over the internet or in real life) any messages until I got here, so I'm not sure if I can meet up with any of them. To all those people I sent messages too though, I just want to say that if you guys are busy, it's fine. I realize I didn't give much notice because I'm crazy. :D

But you know what my favorite thing about Singapore is? I love the big glass bowl of candy at the immigration counter with the words "Welcome to Singapore Changi Airport" printed on it. The candy flavors change every time I'm here.

Well, guess that's all for now. Pictures will pop on my posts when I get back home. My Mom and Aunt are here now, so we're off for more shopping and sightseeing. Bye and take care, everyone!

Daisy on 12/02/2006 09:57:00 AM