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Fooding, and some other things

I've been too lazy to blog lately. Or rather I've been doing so many other stuff that I couldn't get up the energy to blog about them. That sounds much better, doesn't it?

Well, November 1 & 2 have passed. These are non-working holidays in the Philippines when people flock to cemeteries to visit their dead loved ones and feel appropriately sad. No, that was not sarcastic by the way. We didn't go though. My family usually just reminisces about dead loved ones at home. I mean, they're with God now and only their decaying bodies are left so it won't really matter where we are when we think of them.

So November 1 & 2 gave my sister and I a chance to spend more time with my otherwise workaholic mother. Not that I blame her. I'm working on some of the stuff she can't seem to finish right now (since I don't have any class), and I kind-of understand why she acts the way she does. There's just so much to do.

Anyway, we spent time with my Mom. We've been fooding.

Yup, my preoccupation with food (as seen on this blog) is inherited from my parents.

eating with relatives

same relatives, different restaurant

And my other relatives, of course. We've been hopping from small unknown restaurants to large expensive ones in the past few days. We've had shabu-shabu (refer to my last post to the meaning of this term), seafood, German, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, and even take-out.

The weirdest meal I had the whole week was with my Mom and sister though.

chicken & champagne

Last year, we experienced an extreme lack of food during November 1 & 2 since almost all restaurants were closed. This resulted in us eating canned goods and instant noodles for two days. This year was different because I could have cooked, but I've been working so I guess my Mom didn't want to make me do it. Hence she bought a large amount of take-out from Kentucky Fried Chicken to last us the next few days.

That's how it started actually, but we'd been saving that bottle of bubbly (otherwise known as champagne) for months and this seemed a good as time as any. So we clinked glasses, imbibed on a little alcohol (not enough to get drunk though, we're not alcoholics), and ate so much fried chicken that I still get sick thinking of it.

Of course, the fact that I feel a little sick may also be because I have overeaten tonight. Allie (my cousin's cousin or adopted cousin), my sister, and me went to our favorite Japanese place and ate a lot. Tempura, soba, raw fish, dumplings, more tempura... You get the idea. It wasn't overeating yet though.

We were going home quite satisfied when we spotted my Mom's car near this German restaurant. So we met her there and had (what do you know?) dessert.

my sister watching me take shots of my crepes

We were really full. And I mean, really full. This is why we are still awake. It's hard to get rid of the full feeling.

Anyway, I visited my grandmother a few days ago and got pretty shocked to see one of my childhood paintings on her wall.

more like paint and collages actually

I had given it to her a long time ago and being a loving grandmother, she had kept it. It amused me seeing one of my old paintings. It reminded me how much I loved to paint when I was a kid: watercolors that were almost translucent, and shiny oil paintings of people and objects among other things.

And now? I guess... I lost the habit? At least I still paint on the computer though. Which reminds me of the new skin I just submitted.

download it from here

I feel so glad God allowed me to make something like that. Drawing and painting it took a lot of effort, and I had to look through photos of trees and people to get the shadows right. But it was great. Plus I got to do it on one of my favorite songs.

Even if it doesn't get SOTD (Skin of the Day) on, I'm happy. But of course, if it does get SOTD, then... cool. :D

I submitted another skin a few days ago too.

You can get it from here.

It's a Pac-man skin for a blogskin competition. I enjoyed drawing it, and it reminded me of all the times I used to play that game. I think a lot of people have played it, haven't they?

Anyway, up to here for now. It's time to work again. At least I've updated though so I can get it off my mind. See you, everybody!

Daisy on 11/03/2006 10:53:00 PM