This is me.
A hurried update

"Mom, I won't go!"
"How will you eat?"
"I'll let the maid buy takeout."
"Are you sure? I want you to go!"
"No, I won't go!"
"You're not going to study anyway."
"I don't know what to wear."
"I'll help."
"I won't go!"
And so went the argument between my dear Mother and me about a wedding reception we went to tonight. Yes, we went to. Of course, my Mother would win. She's still my Mother after all.

Anyway, there was so much traffic getting to the place. We joked about how all these cars were attending the reception we were going to, and were pretty shocked when it was actually true. It was like the whole city was invited: two floors of guests and a large parking lot with cars parked, double-parked, and overflowing to the main road and surrounding restaurants.

The reception was all right though. The bride and groom were really happy, and that makes me happy for them.

And then back home to grind my brains into powder for three exams in the same subject tomorrow. My classmates keep saying they want to die. I don't think tests are a good enough reason to do that. I'd rather live, thank you very much.

Like I said, this is a hurried update to keep my blog from dying a slow and horrible death from my lack of posts lately. But oh, I'm so busy. Seriously. I stayed home in pajamas the whole day yesterday just doing homework, and I didn't even finish. Boo.

But I guess times like these are the perfect times to just fall at the feet of Jesus. He's got the strength, and I'm just an instrument for him to use, you know? I'm sure I will laugh when I think about all the pressure now after it happens, but since it's still happening, I'll just smile. Whee.

Gosh, I don't even make sense anymore.

Anyway, we just had a retreat today for our religious education. I always get into a little trouble in things like these because I'm not a Catholic and I'm in a Catholic school. It's like "Oh, they're going to confession." Pause. "What am I going to do now?"

But God gave me a lot to reflect on today. Particularly that I should be wiser with the way I spend my time, and I should make real effort to live for the things that are important.

And it was pretty fun. Especially with classmates like mine...

all of us looking down some sort of cliff

Jed said he'd jump but I think he changed his mind.

The retreat house was on top of a mountain so yes, there was an abundance of cliffs. But it was a nice place. This is my favorite picture from the retreat:

Run, guys, run!

Yes, those are my classmates running around like little children and playing tag in the gardens. You'd think college students would have more dignity, but oh well, it's fun!

If you're wondering why there's no food in this post, it shall reappear after I finish all my exams. I've got some food pictures saved up but no time to wax poetic about any of them. Ah well, some other time...

Oh yes, I have to sing on Wednesday for Speech class. Something about developing confidence and correct pronunciation in front of the whole class. Whoopee. Fun. If you could not tell that was sarcastic, then you must be... I just lost my train of thought. Anyway, I 'm singing and it freaks me out a little. I haven't really picked a song yet, probably something mellow that'll put my classmates to sleep, lol.

I'll worry about it after exams. Like tomorrow. I just don't have the time now.

I almost forgot, I made a blog design on penguins, and passed it in It was just my drawings, but they must have really liked it. It got my fifth Skin of The Day. :)

You can download it from here if you want to use it.

I guess that's about it. My hurried update. I've got to review my notes and go to sleep now. God bless me tomorrow. God bless everyone for that matter. Goodnight. :)

Daisy on 9/24/2006 10:09:00 PM