This is me.
Guess where I was yesterday?

It was a Friday and I could have been any number of places. I was not at school. *hint hint hint*

OK, I don't think anyone will get it anyway unless I saw them on a daily basis. Which does not qualify many of the readers of this blog. So I'll save time and say I was at a business conference.

The picture's not that good, but I apologize for forgetting to bring my camera. I ended up using my phone instead.

Anyway, my parents made me attend an Entrepreneurship Conference at a hotel. There were lots of good speakers talking about business, and my parents wanted me to hear them. They said it was more important than school. I totally agree, and so did everyone else I met in the conference. What a beautiful congregation of like-minded people. ;)

My teachers all thought it was a good reason so I disappeared with no ill effects. Well, it was a good conference. We sat in plush chairs and listened to people who had made it, if you get my meaning. There was talk on determination, lots of coffee, and a very adequate supply of food. No pictures, though, I ate it all before I thought of taking shots.

The food was all right as far as food went. Functional (filling, that is) but not particularly wow-this-is-the-most-awesome-thing-I've-ever-tasted level. But no one was there for the food anyway.

There was also an exhibit showcasing the different towns on my island and what they had to offer: jewelry, food, culture, beaches with white sand... There was even one place with a specialty in making guns; I forget the name though.


& more exhibits

I guess I learned a lot. At least, I'm becoming more serious when thinking about work and business in general. Sometimes it's overwhelming. And sometimes, it seems challenging in a cool sort of way.

And I missed school too which is the icing on the cake. :D

Daisy on 6/24/2006 02:24:00 PM