This is me.
Please read... :)

So I check my e-mail after a few days of studying and find an e-mail from dear old Photobucket. It seems my bandwidth has almost exceeded.

In other words, when it does exceed, ugly-looking graphics informing the world that my bandwidth has exceeded will replace the pictures I've been using on my pages.

Since there are only eight pictures in my account and I've hardly linked to any of them, I can only assume that other people have been linking to them, yes? (Logical conclusion, really.)

Here come's the gist of this post that people may hopefully choose not to ignore:

Please download whatever pictures you might get onto your computer and open your own Photobucket account (or some other account) for them yourself.


It's not too much to ask, I guess. I just want to have pictures I put up on the internet staying there. Of course, if it's just me, I'd better check what I've been putting up lately. :)

Daisy on 3/18/2006 03:50:00 PM