This is me.
A lovely weekend

The title says it all.

The weekend was a great break from the whole school thing. We were all tired.

Cookie sort-of napping before English

Thank God summer vacation's almost coming.

Last Friday night, I went with Judy and Ghe (church friends) to visit other church friends we had not seen in a while. A driver from church usually shuttles us around when we do this but we happened to lack a driver that time. So yours truly drove in my trusty CRV. It was funny how I sometimes got lost and we would circle around until we found some familiar spot.

I am so glad I live in a city that isn't that big. It means that if you get lost, you can keep driving straight and you'll eventually reach some place you know. :D

It was fun. We got to talk and pray with people, and we even ate fries. Ghe had to feed me though since my hands were on the wheel.

Here's a picture we didn't take at the time but still has us in it. Just so people who've never met me (or them) can picture what I'm talking about.

Judy, Marlon, Ghe, me, & Miong

I spent Saturday morning with my Mom surfing the internet. We had a great time just acting silly and doing whatnot. We actually don't do this very often; my Mom usually works 12 hours a day, six days a week. But since she was sick at home, well... :D

She cooked some more, by the way (refer to last post for more on this): cabbage, spare ribs in soup, fried eggs, corned beef, and some other stuff. She's really bored.

I also went out with Judy Saturday afternoon. We ate, walked around, and crashed a youth event that seemed fun. We left the event early though when they started playing games.

And we talked. A lot. It's funny how much girls actually talk. :)

Saturday evening's church meeting was pretty jittery for me. I was going to interpret the speaker for the first time. In other words, he'd speak in Chinese and I'd have to translate it in English for other people to understand, LOL. I was so worried I'd forget the right words or make a lot of mistakes. I kept praying and reciting a lot of Bible verses about faith and being able to do anything. Dexter, a friend, sat behind me and just kept saying "You can do it, Daisy, you can do it!"

And I did do it. It felt so freeing to be doing something scary the right way. Wow. Thank you, God. I occasionally laughed at the front though because I just couldn't believe I was there. Translating. :D

So we had dinner with my cousins after that.

chicken pot pie

That's what I ate but I'm sorry to say I didn't get very good pictures. I took one of the pie before I opened it, and was going to take another one after I ate the pastry. But I was so hungry that I forgot. X)


It was good though. The pastry was so airy and filled with home-cooked goodness, while the chicken mixture inside had tasty spices.

So what else? I made and submitted a new blog design!

rate, comment, & download here

I spent about six hours on this skin for a vintage blog design competition. It's out on the internet now for all to see. It was a lot of fun. It would be nice to win the contest, but I don't really have to. :)

By the way, sorry about the really long post. I just don't think I'll be updating in a while so I'm dumping it all out now. Terrible, really.

Oh yes, I'm looking forward to Relient K's new album. I won't be able to get it this March 6 (because it's a fat chance that it'll get here the same day it comes out in the States) but I'm excited!

This is the CD's available single so far. I wonder how the rest of the CD will be like.

Finally, I'm done. I can hear all the readers sighing now.

Daisy on 3/04/2007 11:24:00 PM