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Blue skies & dragon teachers

The sky was a beautiful blue today, like out of a painting (as Cookie would say). It got me thinking of a quote about eagles and chickens. They say chickens are so cowardly because they're always looking at the ground, but eagles look up and so they fly. I guess when I look up at a sky like that, it feels like I can do anything.

It's really cool how God even bothered with making things beautiful and detailed when he made the universe. Like the sky, for instance.

Anyway, we had English class today (back to my old schedule before the midterms, boo hoo), and our teacher is a dragon. Well, that's actually what most of my classmates seem to think with her strict grading and decided opinions.

Henri and I talked to her today because I needed input on my schoolwork. And I have to say that she's not that bad. Maybe some other classmates will shoot me for saying that, but it's true. I mean, I could tell she cared about whether we learned anything in her class. Some teachers don't even care about that.

I'm not saying she isn't hard to please, but she might have valid reasons for acting the way she does. I guess it's just a reminder not to judge other people I may not like, and realize they're pretty human after all.

Daisy on 1/29/2007 11:04:00 PM