This is me.
Soap, school, and neurotic qualities

Midterms are coming up this week, and I'm trying to shape up and do pretty well. This is why my blog is pretty much un-updated (is that a word?) as I slave over thick books and memorize long equations.

But we've done interesting things lately (which I figured I'd share with all of you so you'd all know I was still alive).

First, we made soap in school.

It's a really simple soap, like the storebought ones minus extra perks. Basically, it's oil and other chemicals mixed up and boiled until they stick and become soap. Then we pour it into a mold that shapes it like well, real soap.

I thought it was pretty cool.

We also did some stuff in my Physics Laboratory with electricity and circuits. Unfortunately, I don't understand most of what we're doing. Sad, really.

Studying a lot does not mean I have no life though. I do. I mean, look at what my cousins and I were doing today.

My hand was the bent one with the free black watch.

I can hear you laughing now. Go ahead. :D

I did have fun yesterday. My friends and I went out after a grueling exam. We ate lunch in a favorite fastfood place (with one of the best fried chicken recipes in my world!), and walked around a lot. There were no pictures because no one thought of taking them.

Oh yeah, Henri and I bought books. I never realized there was someone else in the world who was as neurotic about buying books as I am. Apparently, Henri is one of them.

We looked at all the books, and walked around carrying loads of them for more than an hour because we couldn't decide what we wanted to get. Normally, this makes other people angry and impatient ("Just pick one already!" "I'm leaving!"), but since we were both doing the same thing, it didn't bother us.

Henri started explaining about how she couldn't get a series of books in different editions (you know, some hardbound and some softbound) because it just didn't seem right. And I understood. LOL.

I think it's great how God made each of us unique and interesting (like when buying books). It just goes to show He's thought hard about how everyone's supposed to be like.

Daisy on 1/21/2007 03:53:00 PM