This is me.
Food & new designs :D

I was sketching a lamppost a few days ago when I figured "why not put it on my blog?" So I scanned it, colored it on Photoshop, and here it is! Though I loved my old design (whose screenshot is somewhere below), I figured it was time for something new.

itty bitty screenshot

It was fun! I might try my hand at drawing again.

Anyway, I have a picture to share. Just one picture because I have to go for a haircut and my Mom will be here in about five minutes.

Teof, Cookie, and my food

I don't know why the picture came out so grainy even after editing. But continu

Cookie got hungry after our last class yesterday so Teof, Cookie, and me ended up across the street in a small "restaurant" (I can't decide if the place deserves the name restaurant.) playing old Tagalog flicks. Cheap and tasty fried chicken, puso (wrapped rice), and an orange-flavored softdrink: yummy.

The company wasn't too bad either. :D

And oh, I'm so thrilled. I just have to share my joy. I GOT PERFECT IN PHYSICS TODAY! The scores are out, whee! I've been having a lot of trouble with Physics so I figure that's cause for celebration.

It was great; all the studying and praying (especially the praying) are paying off. I mean, I've always tried hard in Physics but somehow, my answers are all wrong. But it was different today, thank God. Whee! (Anyone notice how I say whee a lot when I'm super-excited?)

But some people still failed. OK, so I'm thinking of someone but not sure this person would like his/her name to be broadcasted on my blog. Anyway, I'm also bummed about that because I know how worried this person is. I really believe he/she can pass though.

Ah, well. Mom's calling so I'll have to log off now. 'Til next time, oh almost-non-existent readers...

Daisy on 2/07/2007 05:11:00 PM