This is me.
Spin the (white ink) bottle!

"Who's pretty?" Arn2x spun the white ink bottle on the counter of our laboratory class. We watched the bottle spin until it stopped right between Cookie and me.

We elbowed each other as we both tried to stand where the bottle was pointing.

"OK. So who's pretty (again)?" Arn2x spun the bottle and it pointed just to her right. She quickly took a step toward it then beamed at being pretty.

Then came the killer question.

"So who likes *TOOT*?" Those were Arn2x's exact words, meaning no one knew who she was talking about. We all tensed as the bottle spun then we crouched on the floor like there was a bomb on the table. We eventually peeked out when the coast was clear (read: the bottle stopped spinning) to find it was thankfully not pointing at any of us.

So you can laugh at our expense. But it was fun!

No pictures though; I misplaced my camera phone while it was happening.

Anyway, some of my church friends and I went visiting people in the hospital yesterday.

One of our good church friends had a large cyst taken out, and we went to see her. My grandfather was in for pneumonia too.

It's a bit scary to see everyone there. Many of the patients look pretty miserable, and it's sad. It makes you wonder sometimes why people have to get sick. But I figure life just can't be perfect with sin in it.

There are verses in the Bible about how there will be no sadness in heaven and all our tears will be wiped away. I don't think there'd be any sickness either. That would be wonderful, wouldn't it?

On other breaking news, I went back to the MV Doulos boat (again) last Wednesday. But I was with my mother and some relatives this time. I finally got to eat their lovely lovely LOVELY ice cream!

Beautiful, aren't they?

The last time I was there, they ran out of ice cream so imagine how excited I was! OK, maybe I was too excited but that's how I get with food. My grandmother, my aunt, our pastor, and I had solid creamy wonderful vanilla twirls in plastic cups. Oh yeah!

Daisy on 2/10/2007 09:08:00 AM