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A little doodly update

Just passing by with a few tidbits from my life in general at 1 am. I figured I'd better keep my blog alive through the exams, lab work, blog designs, and utter craziness.

Anyone want to play a game?

Above is a doodly sketch I made of some branches and ferns outside one of my classes. Zyx (one of my classmates) encrypted thirteen names into the drawing: Daisy, Zyx, Arn, Joni, Hazel, Chloe, Teof, Kim, Suy2, Lay, Moses, Fred, & Nice. If you want to try looking for them, just click on the image above to make it bigger. I purposely uploaded a large file for people who feel like playing games because they have nothing better to do.

My name's the easiest to find. :D Comment or tag (or basically get hold of me) if you want the answers.

I'm just contributing some amusement to people who come by to read this blog often. A measly reward, isn't it?

And Adam, if you are reading, yes, there are MORE doodles!

This piece of yellow paper was put to good(?) use by friends during Chemistry class a few days ago. We weren't slacking off though; we really paid attention in class. Arn2x even drew a little illustration on the upper left of said paper of our lesson that day. (Boring students, aren't we? Even our doodles have "school" written all over them.)

On other new things in my life, my parents are both recovering from injuries. My Mom got a little surgery and has to stay at home for about ten days. At first, she enjoyed being at home for a change. She watched a lot of TV, slept, ate, and even surfed the net on my computer. But being the workaholic that she is, it wasn't bound to last. The doctor told her to rest, but is she resting?

I'll let you answer that question for yourself. She did cook two vegetable dishes, some sausages, ground pork, and porkchops while she was here. She also baked an angel food cake, steamed sweet corn, put up some collapsible shelves, and made leche flan. If there had been any pie crusts in the supermarket (they were out of stock), my Mom would have made pies by now.

My father on the other hand has a slightly swollen leg and a pronounced limp. He was playing golf with his friends when they got into their usual pranks. Yup, for those of you who know my father, he plays pranks. Apparently, he threw water at a friend who then chased him around the course with an umbrella. His friend ended up poking him on the leg (LOL) without meaning to. So now, my Dad's recovering and his friend feels guilty. Who says only kids know how to horse around?

Oh yeah, and I hung out with my cousins and some friends this weekend.

cousins at lunch last Sunday


It was fun! Some of us watched A Little Princess based on the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and I cried a lot. It's one of my favorite movies. :)

Oh yes, for those who have time to kill, check out my DeviantArt account. I've been actually submitting things lately, and they're not half-bad.

Until next time, OK? Bye!

Daisy on 3/02/2007 12:57:00 AM