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A completely foodie post

Long-time readers may have noticed that I haven't typed about food in a while. It's not that I haven't been eating (to the contrary, I assure you), but I guess I've been too lazy to put up food pictures.

Not today. I have so many food pictures to show, you'll get pretty sick of them.

Let's start with Saturday, shall we?

all my sister and I do is eat

"One breakfast steak, please."
"How do you want it cooked? Well done?"
"Medium rare, please."
"Medium rare?"
"Yes, medium rare."
"Medium rare with a little blood?"
"Yes, with a little blood."
"Are you sure?"
I had never realized how hard it was to order breakfast steak. Is it so hard to accept that I want my steaks slightly pink and soft? I mean, some girls do eat things that aren't well done.

Oh, well, moving on. Here's the bloody steak. (And no, that wasn't a curse word. :D)

It was good, by the way. The steak was soft and great even without the gravy.

My sister wasn't as happy with her food though. She got some longganisa (a sausage dish in the Philippines).

She found some hair in it, and it just ruined her appetite. Other than that, it was okay.

We were completely stuffed with some other stuff we'd ordered. And it was supposed to be a snack.

OK, so I've changed my mind. This isn't a totally foodie post. I just had to mention that some of my classmates and I went wall climbing last Sunday.



the rest of us :)

It was actually an activity for PE. It was interesting. It's been a long time since I've done any exercise, and I guess it showed in the trouble it took me to get up the wall.

It was fun, though my arms and other appendages hurt for a few days.

Lunch came after all that exertion. I met up with my family for some together-time.

the gang :)

It was fun drinking rootbeer and testing out a lot of food with them.

I'm getting a little tired of the commentary over this particular meal, so the pictures will have to speak for themselves.

delicious cakes :D

We all agreed that the brownie cheesecake wasn't as good as the Oreo. Ken didn't particularly like the lemon tart, and started asking the rest of us to finish "that horrible cake."

On other news, my Mom came back from Manila a few days ago. She brought a lot of pasalubongs (a Filipino term for gifts for people back home) for my sister and me. Daphne, a great lover of all things with cats on them, got lots of cat things and even a brush for her cat. My Mom said I was harder to get stuff for though.

So what did she get me? Food.

lemon squares that melt in your mouth

lovely lovely egg tarts

beautiful cinnamon rolls

good fudge brownies for my sister and me

puto (steamed muffins that Filipinos always seem to have on holidays)

OK, so the puto was my Mom's, but she insisted that I take a photo since I was taking shots of everything else anyway.

My Mom loves me. :D

Oh yeah, and I've put up a new design as you've probably noticed. I just liked it better than my old one.

screenshot :D

Oh yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY COOKIE!!!!! It's her birthday today (won't tell you how old, just ask her). We surprised her with a Bible she liked, and got her sister to put it on her table at home so she wouldn't think it was from us. Whee!

I'm going to get really busy over pre-final exams so I'm not sure when I can update next. Take care, everyone!

Daisy on 2/20/2007 10:47:00 AM