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Happy Birthday, Me (Part 2 of III)

If you don't know what the part II of III is all about, you might like to check Part 1 of this series of posts.

My parents decided to host a farewell dinner for our Chinese relatives last Sunday night. They were going back home, and we figured giving them a party (instead of me) would take the burden of gift-giving off my relations' backs.

They brought me gifts anyway.

The dinner was at a hotel with the best buffet around.

breads and cheeses

seafood you can steam

amazing desserts

There was also some really great Japanese, Chinese, and Western cuisine selections.

It was the perfect recipe for gluttony.

Just a bit of what I ate.

So I never do eat that much on normal days. And I probably never will again because I'll be watching my cholesterol and blood sugar levels as I get older.

It was fun though. Especially with my foodie buddy / cousin / adopted younger brother, KD.

Foodlovers unite!

Anyway, we all laughed, talked, and ate as much as we could. Everything was pretty good.

And then I got another cake!

It made me very happy.

This cake was one of the best chocolate cakes I'd ever tasted. It was moist, not too sweet --- sweet being my primary complaint against every chocolate cake I've ever tried --- and looked pretty. It was also the right size considering how full I was when the unexpected cake arrived.

chocolate-y goodness

About ten relatives tried a bit of it and agreed the cake was scrumptious. Or maybe they're only agreeing with me since it's my birthday cake; I don't know.

I was then embarrassed by a group of singers who serenaded me as I ate.

Not that they weren't good, mind you. They sang some of my favorites. I guess I'm just not used to all the attention.

We spent the rest of the night goofing off with my cousins.

Chrissy's always the life of the party.

The dinner ended, and my cousins trooped home with us to have a sleepover for my birthday. I know, I know, I'm 20 years old. Why am I still having sleepovers?

Well, a college friend told me that my inner child is still 10 years old, and 10-year-olds do have sleepovers. Besides, they're fun!

We played, talked, watched a comedy series, and beat each other at video games deep into the night.

My cousins are sitting on each other.

I think Jonny sat on KD to try to distract him from winning. Since KD and Reese (our dog) did a victory dance a few minutes later, it obviously didn't work.

And so that was my birthday. So far.

The last part of this series will show up tomorrow. Thanks for reading this far!

Daisy on 8/22/2007 06:15:00 PM