This is me.
Update from America

I'm on the other side of the world at the moment (New Jersey to be exact). My cousins and I still can't believe we're here. Basically, we've just been going places and eating a lot of delicious food.

We also went to a basketball game to cheer for my cousin's favorite team, the New Jersey Nets!

tickets to the game!

the empty court

I have better pictures but they're in my camera, and I didn't bring the software to connect my cam to the computer LOL.

Anyway, the game was fun though I pretty much slept through the first half. My only excuse is that I'm not much of a basketball fan. I did stay awake in the third and fourth quarters though when the game started to heat up. It was just so cool watching the players pass to each other and make all the three-pointer shots. And the best part? The New Jersey Nets won! Oh, yeah!

We've also been eating and shopping. We haven't been doing much since some of my cousins are having a little jetlag.

the cousins at CostCo

We did go to CostCo two days ago just to look around. We also ate pizza.

lovely pizza

The pizza was delicious. I loved the mushrooms.

I need to type a little faster now since it's time for breakfast.

Anyway, last night, we headed for Arthur's Tavern. It was the most Americanized restaurant I've been to.

Checkered red tablecloths, and large portions. Yup, very American.


The steak was good. Considering I wanted medium rare, it was cooked just right. The meat was juicy with just a bit of blood.

I'm nothing against these huge American servings though. I can never finish food comfortably; I ordered the Junior SIrloin serving and finished really full. My cousins ordered steaks twice as big and had to bring some home in doggie bags.

Well, it's a new day today. I think we're going to the zoo or something like that.

Bye, everyone! Until next time!

Daisy on 4/20/2007 09:27:00 AM