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screenshot belongs to Disney, of course

If you've never seen that movie still before, it's from Disney's Hercules.

Henri and I spent a free hour in school sniffling over Hercules on her iPod. If we had watched the whole thing without skipping, we probably would have cried.

Emotional females, yes.

Anyway, I've had some stuff on my mind lately, and so have not touched my Photoshop program for quite a while. Or even other programs I'd like to play with, for that matter.

I just wanted to take this space on my blog to say that I am not retiring on my skin designs. Since people ask, there it is. I'm just busy.

On other news, the MV Doulos (world's largest book fair that happens to be a missionary ship) is docked in our area so I've been there to buy books with friends. It was hot and crowded, but we had fun. And obviously, I bought some books (about 10 or so), and even found some CDs I've been wanting that no one sells in the Philippines. Yay!

I've wanted these CDs for more than a year! The album by Bart Millard was especially cool because it came in a dual-disc (meaning one side plays on a CD player and the other on DVD). No one sells dual-discs here, so I was properly fascinated. I ignorantly turned the CD over and over a number of times.

It was so hard to find those CDs, but I guess it's my fault for always listening to unknown artists that aren't playing on the radio.

That's all for now. Bye, everyone!

Daisy on 2/05/2007 05:55:00 PM