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Partying & Looking Back On 2006

I'm now enjoying my four-day holiday from school. I'm converting videos, watching movies, reading what I want to read for a change, and also studying like mad for when we get back. Teachers seem to have this idea that students have nothing to do when there's no class, so they dump academic baggage on them. But what should we expect, hmm? We're students, after all.

Sad, really.

Anyway, our department (you know, the Chemical Engineering one) had a party two days ago.

classmates huddling for a shot

We all had fun and laughed a lot. I was especially hungry since I hadn't eaten a real meal since about 10 hours before said party, and enjoyed the food immensely. OK, so I enjoy most food immensely. What can I say? I'm easily pleased.

Oh lookie at the photographer's hand!

This picture would have been better without the hand. Oh well.

This should have been a picture of all my batchmates with the teachers, but we weren't all at the party. Our batch is notorious for not attending any school activities unless we're brought kicking and screaming. Normally, my friends and I wouldn't even be at the party. Too lazy, maybe, or too cheap to pay party funds.

Yes, I admit I'm cheap.

Anyway, I got to thinking how I hadn't really capped 2006 in a blog post and figured that I should. So...


It wasn't an extremely happy year, but it was a growing year. I cried a lot, but I learned a lot: about family, friends, God, and even about myself. I learned how to cook, do accounting jobs, and make blog designs. I learned how important sleep is (primarily by getting so little of it), and I learned to procrastinate less. I learned that God can always be trusted with everything I've got (even if I couldn't understand what was happening). I learned that really knowing my lessons in school is more important than getting good grades, and that family is a wonderful thing even if it isn't perfect.

And tons of other stuff.

I was also really blessed. I visited Vietnam, Manila, Baguio, some northern Philippine provinces, and Singapore last year. I got closer with my family and friends. I met new family and new friends. I got Adobe Photoshop, LOL.

I just want to thank God for making the year worthwhile. I hope this year will be even better. From where I'm standing, it seems it will be.

Daisy on 1/13/2007 11:05:00 PM