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Urgent surgery & a blogskin

Finally, my images work again! :) Anyway, back to the story...

Last Sunday, we were hanging with my cousins at my grandmother's house. All our parents were at some party we weren't invited to so the one who could drive (ahem, yours truly) was assigned to buy food and organize the weekly family get-together.

Of course, I can't take all the credit. Daphne and Ken (two eldest after me) did a lot too. :D

Anyway, we were scarfing pizza, chicken, and really great fried potatoes --- I have to mention the food, I can't help it --- when it became evident that we had to perform surgery.

On a basketball.

It had the misfortune of getting a thumb tack (read: sharp metal object) stuck in its rubbery hide. This did not please the head surgeon and owner of said basketball, Jonathan. So my cousins put on their masks (plastic cups, actually, but who's paying attention? It was an emergency!) and held the ball down so it wouldn't squirm when Jonny got the tack out.

Success? Not quite.

"There's air coming out!" "Stop moving the ball!" "Someone find the hole! Where the heck is the hole?" "Hurry up!"

Then Jonny with the words "I can feel the air on my face!"

I would like to add that the older cousins did not lose their dignity by performing surgery. We just screamed our support and made everyone panic even more. I was standing on a stool recording all the craziness with my cellphone.

I didn't get very good pictures though. I was panicking myself. :)

In the end, Jonny stuck the tack back in the hole. Whew. This is worse than ER or whatever hospital drama's around these days. I don't really keep track.

On another note, I made a new blogskin. Actually, I made more than one since class ended three hours early yesterday, but that doesn't matter.

Any suggestions how to make it better?

Daisy on 7/26/2006 07:29:00 PM