This is me.
My breaking point

People always say I'm really happy. And I am. I've always tried to be happy because through everything, I knew I had a Savior and He is alive. And I want everyone to know it and be as happy as I am.

But it doesn't mean I haven't got problems like everyone else. In fact, I reached my breaking point yesterday.

I was leaving the school, in quite a hurry since I was headed to church to play violin for a meeting. I was in such a hurry that I scraped my car against a post. I had driven too close and gotten a not-so-pretty dent on the back of my car.

I spent the rest of the drive to church verbally punishing myself. I mean, my gosh, what a stupid thing to do! When I got to church, I got out and looked at the damage. Then I locked myself in the car and burst into tears.

And it wasn't just about the car either. That can be repaired, after all. It was all the frustration over things I can't change, and the people I love. It was everything most people will never see.

Like my mother said, I just needed a good cry. So many things have been happening and I haven't gotten the chance to think it all through. And I did feel much better afterwards.

The meeting last night really helped. I was sitting beside a friend who had also had a good cry today, and we were like... Wow. The speaker said "I would like to tell you everyone has a problem. Every family has a problem. But you can bring your problems to Jesus and everything will be all right."

And it's really true. That's why I really want people to know who my Lord is. Because He can help them the way He's helped me. While I was crying in that car, He gave me a lot of comfort. He's given me a promise about it all too. Why should I worry and frustrate myself controlling my life when I can put it in the hand of the God who has all control? I don't even know what happens tomorrow, but He does. And He cares.

I don't understand why things happen. I don't get why this is the way things have to be (in my life and everyone else's). But I know my Redeemer lives, and that's enough reason to be happy.

And before anyone thinks I'm some sob story, it's not that my life isn't blessed. It is, and I'm really thankful. Sure, sometimes I'm down but so's everyone, right? So there's definitely a lot to be happy for. :D Take care!

Daisy on 7/29/2006 11:14:00 AM