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Crazy birthdays & exams

the birthday girl

For the past few days, my friends and I have been preparing surprises for Arn2x's (another friend) birthday. We blew up balloons (OK, so Cookie did the blowing. Hazel & I are real failures at it. We gave moral support though. :D), got her a gift, signed cards, & messed up her locker with balloons and confetti.

In short, we celebrated her birthday.

We also agreed not to mention her birthday to her. If she thought we had forgotten, it would have been more of a surprise, right?

And she was surprised. She was about to cry because we hadn't greeted her at all after all her hints through the week. At least she saw the surprise before she actually lost it. And her reaction? "Why is there a lot of trash in my locker?" Hmph.

Anyway, those happy days are ending. Pre-midterm exams are coming up on the horizon and they aren't pretty. Memorizing loads of Calculus equations & molecular structures in Organic Chemistry at the same time isn't my idea of a good time. But then, it's my fault. Why did I take Chemical Engineering?

(Note: This is all just comic relief, you understand. I wouldn't seriously shift.)

So I'll be on hiatus for a while. Like a week or so, LOL, not really that long. Why? I'll be studying, studying, studying. No blog designing, blogging, whatever. I guess I have to be more serious so I can have fun later, yeah? Then I'll skin and design until kingdom come! :D

So let the games begin!

Daisy on 7/13/2006 10:19:00 PM